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Kids Chinese Podcast: Newsletter No.3

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Happy Chinese New Year!
xīn nián kuài le!

This year is the year of rabbit!
jīn nián shì tù nián

How to write Chinese characters - Radicals

Chinese Characters are the founding blocks of Chinese language; they form Chinese words, phrases, and sentences. Radicals are the component of Chinese characters while strokes are the basic elements of radicals.

Radicals are the basic component of Chinese characters. There are about 200 radicals in Chinese characters and they are often reflecting some common semantic or phonetic characteristic.

For example, the character口 (mouth) is frequently used as a radical in characters related to mouth such as 吃, meaning ‘eat’, 喝, meaning ‘drink’.

The following Common Chinese Radical Table lists some of the radicals for the simplified Chinese characters in the order of the stroke counts. The radicals are used to index the characters for Chinese dictionaries. Learning common radicals can be a great help on your Chinese characters study.

These common radicals are usually combined to form different Chinese characters.

Common Chinese Radical Table

丿piě乀 乁
乚 乛second

Full Version of the Chinese Radical Table are available to Members Only.

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