We recommend the following steps to achieve the best Chinese learning results.

  1. Sign up and become a registered member in order to have access to all audio and video lessons, lesson transcript, PDF exercise worksheet, online exercises and quizzes.
  2. After Sign up, you will get access to all transcript and PDF exercise worksheet, online exercises and quizzes. Have a transcript in front of you when listening to the lesson. Language Study Research shows that using auditory and visual media at same time can achieve better learning results.
  3. When children acquire their mother tongue, they understand and speak before they are capable of reading and writing. This is also true when learning a foreign language. In the Level-1 lessons, our goal is to let students have a feeling on Chinese Mandarin’s phonics and Chinese Characters, and build a sense of Chinese language in a short time. The transcript serves a very good study guide. Musical tones are perhaps the most difficult thing in Mandarin Chinese, that’s why we use the native-language-acquiring approach, namely, the just listening and then understanding way at Level-1 for beginners. Language Research Study reports that kids under five can speak a language without any accent just like a native speaker.
  4. The worksheet of each lesson has a translation exercise for you, so please fill in your answer and then compare your answer to the correct one that the teacher announced at the end of your next lesson.
  5. Practice what you have learned whenever you have a chance. That’s why we promote parents and kids learn Chinese together. Parents and kids are the best study pal, this approach motivates parents to set a good role model on discipline and nurture kids a good study habit, in the same time, parents and kids learn, practice speaking Chinese in a really fun and effective way.
  6. Encourage good study habits by scheduling regular Chinese study time. For example, everyday, after dinner, spend about 20 minutes. Firstly, listen the audio lesson about 10 minutes, then do the worksheet to practice reading and writing for about 5 minutes then spend another 5 minutes, practice speaking. Parents and kids can talk using what we have learned in the lesson and use what we have learned in the previous lessons.
  7. Listen as many times as possible whenever you have a chance. For example when you driving your child to school, before bedtime etc.
  8. Try to imitate after the teacher, even if the sounds seem to be difficult to pronounce.
  9. Be persistent and never give up! Unlike many Western languages which share some common linguistic roots with English and which can often be learned fairly quickly with a large amount of self-study, acquiring a basic competency in a language as different from English as Chinese requires a high level of commitment and persistence.
  10. One of the best ways parents can help with your child’s education is to take part yourself. Sign up for the Chinese lessons and learn Chinese together with your child.

Sign up now!Learn Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast, having fun and achieve the best Chinese learning results.

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