Here are some of the most popular Chinese male names.

Yang, 阳 (sun)
An, 安 (peace, peaceful, quiet)
Tao, 涛 (great waves)
Bo, 波 (wave, waves)
Cai, 财 (wealth, riches)
Cai, 才 (talent)
Cheng, 成 (accomplish, succeed)
De, 德 (virtue, morality)
Dong, 东 (East)
Feng, 峰 (summit, peak)
Gang, 刚 (strong, hard, tough)
Guo, 国(country)
qiang, 强(strong)
Hui, 辉 (brightness)
Jian, 健 (healthy)
Jie, 杰 (outstanding)
Kang, 康 (healthy)
Li, 力 (force, power, strength)
Liang, 亮 (bright)
Long, 龙 (dragon)
Shan, 山 (mountain)
Yi, 毅 (perseverance)
Peng, 鹏 (giant bird)
Qiang, 强 (strong, strength)
Shi, 世 (generation )
Song, 松 (pine tree)
Jun, 军 (Army)
Tian, 天(sky, heaven)
Wei, 伟 (great)
Jin, 金 (gold )
Zhi, 志 (will)
Yi, 义(justice)

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