Here are some of the most popular Chinese female names.

Li, 丽 (Beautiful)
Fen, 芬 (fragrance)
Ai, 爱 (love)
Bao, 宝 (treasure, jewel)
Cai, 彩 (color, colorful)
yan, 艳 (colorful)
yan, 燕 (swallow)
Dan, 丹(red)
Yun,云 (cloud)
Fang, 芳 (fragrant)
Feng, 凤 (phoenix)
Hong, 红 (red)
Hua, 花 (flower, blossom)
Huan, 环 (jade ring, jade bracelet)
Hui, 惠 (favor, kindness)
Jiao, 娇 (charming, lovely)
Ju, 菊 (chrysanthemum)
Juan, 娟 (beautiful, graceful)
Lan, 兰 (orchid)
Jing, 晶 (Crystal)
cui, 翠 (green)
Yu, 玉 (jade)

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