Acquiring an understanding of the basic structural components of a language’s grammar and being familiar with some basic vocabulary, provide you with the skills needed to study the language in a more efficient way and help you to learn the language in a greater depth individually later as well.

In Chinese language, nouns, pronouns, numbers, measure words, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and particle auxiliary words are the basic grammar elements.

Acquiring a good understanding of the language’s grammar elements will provide you with a sound structural framework with which to speak, read and write the language. In everyday life, the components of the language which are most likely to change and look like to be new to you are the speech/text context dependent nouns, verbs, and adjectives. You can rely on your already acquired structural framework of the language to parse and distinguish these unrecognized components, and then use resources such as dictionaries or via inquiring to others to discover the meaning of unknown words.

Chinese grammar is introduced below by explaining the point of real-life examples, since the real-life examples are more easily understood by the beginners than are grammar rules. If in the future, you wish to study the academic points of grammar, the basic grammar structure introduced below will give you the foundation you will need to pursue that study.

Since Chinese is a highly context-sensitive language, I encourage you to rely less on grammar rules and instead use your ears and your eyes to understand meaning from what others say or from what you read. The more you rely on grammar rules, the more often you will become frustrated when you find the rules are too often broken or not strictly adhered to in real life. Consider grammar rules to be just a rough starting point, and not at all a final conclusion. I hope that this introduction to Chinese grammar will encourage and inspire you to further explore the depths of this very rich language.

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