The following is one of my favorite quote. Can you translate it into Chinese?

"I have always felt that the only trouble with scientific medicine is that it is not scientific enough. Modern medicine will become really scientific only when physicians and their patients have learned to manage the forces of the body and the mind that operate via vis medicatrix nature [the healing power of nature]."
-- Rene Dubos, professor of biology, Rockefeller University;
Discoverer of the first antibiotic in clinical use (1939);
Founder of the first earth summit(1972) of the United Nations

-- Rene Dubos

Do you agree with Professor Dubos? I totally agree with the quote.

医药, medicine
科学的, scientific
够, enough
当代, Modern
医生, physician
病人, patient
学, learn
力, force
自愈力, healing power
真正, really
操纵, operate

Here is my translation for your reference.
Could you please share with yours?
Feel free ask any question you may have.

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