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Kids Chinese Podcast: Newsletter No.17

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Spring is here. In the air, you can smell it coming. On the trees, leaves are green. Like many people around the world, Chinese people like spring because the spring season in Chinese calendar starts. By the post on Chinese New Year, we know that the Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival, "春节(chūn jié)".

The Chinese word for spring is "春天(chūn tiān)". “天(tiān)”means "day or sky". "春(chūn)" is the character that is of the meaning of spring, so when we put them together, literally it means spring day.

When write "春(chūn)", please be aware that the first horizontal stroke, and the third horizontal stroke are about the same length. However, the middle horizontal stroke is a little shorter.

When write "天(tiān)", please remember to write the second horizontal stroke a little longer than the first one.

How to say "Spring is here"?
"春天在这里(chūn tiān zài zhè lǐ)"

In the north of China, Spring is the busiest season for farmers who are expecting a fruitful fall.

Hope you have a good start on learning Chinese in this spring!

Chinese Lessons

Kids Chinese Podcast continue adding more Level-2 Chinese lessons. In the past month, we had the following five Level-2 Chinese lessons.

How are you doing with these Chinese lessons?

Be patient and keep learning Chinese, you will improve your Chinese little by little. Like acquiring any new skills, the key to learn Chinese and master Chinese  language is persistence, keep going and do not forget to enjoy it along the way.
"一年之计在于春(yī nián zhī jì zài yú chūn)"
A year’s plan starts with spring."

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