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In “Pin Yin”, we talked about why Chinese Pinyin is so critical for learning Chinese, and why to learn Pinyin first is a must to build a solid pronunciation foundation for your listening and speaking skills. To start learning Mandarin Chinese language from pinyin is compulsory in Chinese schools and basically, every Chinese in Mainland China starts learning pinyin from kindergarten (5-6 years old).

In Chinese, each character corresponds to one syllable. Chinese syllables consist of three elements: initial sound, final sound and tone. The initial sounds are consonants and the final sounds contain at least one vowel. Some syllables consist only of an initial sound or a final sound.

Mandarin Chinese language has 21 consonants and 35 vowels. The initial and final sounds make a total of 56 basic sounds. Combinations of initials and finals plus the special cases result in more than 400 mono-syllabic sounds. Applying the four tones of Mandarin Chinese to this, we get a total of around 1,600 unique syllables. Pronunciation of Mandarin has two aspects: syllables and tones. Each can be practiced separately, but when it comes to speaking Mandarin Chinese you must memorize words with their proper tones.

Pinyin Crash Course

We designed “Pinyin Crash Course” for Chinese Beginners to learn Pinyin in 21 days, also for non-beginners to review and improve pinyin skills. This Crash Pinyin Course offers a great introduction of Chinese Pinyin also called Hanyu Pinyin. This course also offers pinyin drills and quiz for you to practice reading and pronouncing Pinyin based on each day’s lesson. You can ask any question by commenting or send us message using “Contact Us” at any time.

This Pinyin course consists of 21 lessons, one lesson each day. We broke down the lessons into 5 sections.

1. Tones

Learn Chinese Pinyin in 21 Days – Day 1: Tones

2. Single Vowels

Learn Chinese Pinyin in 21 Days – Day 2: Single Vowels

3. Initials

4. Compound Vowels


5. Pinyin Rules

Do you want to acquire Real Chinese Conversation Skills? Join us and Start learning Pinyin now! You will be able to read and pronounce Chinese Pinyin in 21 days!

I hope you find this Chinese Pinyin Course helpful! Appreciate your feedback!

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