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Online Chinese Study is becoming popular because of its convenience. You can study where ever you are, whenever you want, and study at your own pace.

Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast help you learn Chinese easily by online Chinese Study.

If you are new to Chinese language, please try Lesson 1.

Otherwise, would you like to translate the following Chinese and test your Chinese level?




How are you doing?

Let’s look at the following English translation.

Great picture books and story books for kids

Reading is a critical skill for success in school and in life. Parents should create an easy to learn environment with high quality children’s age appropriate books, and help our children build a good reading habit.

Kindergarten children should know about letters, words, and sounds. They can apply this knowledge to read simple sentences. Kindergarten children also can identify the basic facts and ideas in what they have read, heard, or viewed by using comprehension strategies.

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