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Before answering the question, "How long to learn Chinese?", I suggest you ask yourself, how much time you want to spend on learning Chinese? Even you choose the most effective Chinese learning program, it depends on how much time you want to study Chinese each day, each week etc.

Your commitment

A key concept here is "commitment". Have you really committed yourself to learning Chinese? If so, you will take the necessary steps to reach that goal. Some people wanted to learn Chinese, but they skipped classes, stopped learning completely whenever the holidays came around, did not take the time to memorize new vocabulary words, and so on. If you progress like this, it is a sure path to frustration, and perhaps even eventual failure.

Of course, in many of these cases, those people only wanted to learn Chinese because they thought it would help them get ahead at their job; what they were lacking is passion, so it is only natural that they did not make a serious commitment to their supposed "goal" of learning Chinese.

You not only think you "should" learn Chinese, but are truly enthusiastic about doing so, it would then be the right time to start, with all the zeal at your disposal. That is when progress will not only be rapid, but will seem practically effortless. That is when you will be able to learn more Chinese, in a single year, than you had in the previous five or ten years, while you were engaged in a half-hearted, and therefore nearly futile, effort to learn Chinese.

Make a commitment to your goal, and follow through on it with enthusiasm, even obsession: that is the surest ticket to learning Chinese with ease and mastering Chinese sooner.

Chinese Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast help you learn Chinese easier and master Chinese sooner

Pinyin literally means “spelled sound”, phonetics. This Pinyin course is designed for you to learn pinyin in 21 days. It is called a Crash Pinyin Course. It is better to use it as a Pinyin review course for building a solid Chinese pronunciation foundation.

If you are a Chinese beginner, and have never learned Pinyin before, I recommend you start with Lesson 1.

In Level-1 lessons, you will learn pinyin gradually in each lesson. After you done level-1 lessons, you will have learned all the Pinyin. Then you can go to the “pinyin course” to review Pinyin, do some online exercises and quizzes, and finally take the Learn Chinese Pinyin in 21 Days – Day 21:Pinyin Test.

Of course, it’s up to you. If you want to start with this Pinyin course and have a overview of Pinyin in a very short time, I think it is still a good approach to learn Pinyin.

Level 1: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Day of A kindergartner
Total: 63 lessons at Level 1 for newbies

Level 2: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Week of A First Grader
Total: 47 lessons at Level 2 for beginners

Level 3: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Month of A Second Grader
Total: 50 lessons at Level 3 for beginners

How long to learn Chinese? If you learn Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast, you will be finishing learning Pinyin, the phonics of Chinese in 21 days by following the Pinyin Crash course. If you study a Chinese lesson each day, you will be completing level-1 Chinese lessons around two months, level-2 Chinese lessons in another 1 and half month. Then you will be able to speak most frequently used daily Chinese. How fast you proceed on learning Chinese depends on your own schedule. You can learn what you want in your own pace. Try the free Chinese lessons now!

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