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Lesson 37: Shape

Learn how to say "what shape this is. This is a circle." etc. Also continue learning Pinyin, and learn some words and phrases related to shape in Mandarin Chinese.

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2 Responses to “Lesson 37: Shape”

  1. aihua


    Hi Marck,

    I suggest you use Chinese characters when you write Chinese. Pinyin is for pronunciation only.
    For example, since you only used Pinyin, I can not quite understand you. You mentioned “zhongwenhua”, I guess you mean “中文话(zhōng wén huà)”。Although I understand you, “中国话(zhōng guó huà), Chinese” should be the right one to use.
    On the other hand, I guess you might mean “中国文化(zhōng guó wén huà)”, Chinese culture. Which one did you mean?


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