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Lesson 28: Have an English Class

Learn how to say "to have an English class, learn English". Also continue learning Pinyin, and learn some words and phrases related to "having an English class" in Mandarin Chinese.

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3 Responses to “Lesson 28: Have an English Class”

  1. David Rappo

    Hi Aihua,

    I have a question about “no”. In the vocabulary for this lesson “no” is: bu(2) shi(4). Later on in the dialog section Amy uses: bu(4) shang(4).

    I used 1, 2, 3, 4 to indicate first tone, second tone, etc.

    So, bu has different tones. How do I know when to use rising tone and when to use falling tone?



  2. aihua


    Hi David,

    The original pinyin of “不” is “bu4(bù)”. However, the 4th tone(bu4(bù))will change to 2nd tone “bu2(bú)” when the Chinese character next to “不” also has the 4th tone.


    不 好 (bu4 hao3)

    不是(bu2 shi4)

    不上(bu2 shang4)

    Thank you very much for finding out the mistake I made. The pinyin of “不上” should be (bu2 shang4).
    Sorry, I just corrected it. .


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