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Lesson 17: Going to School (II)

Learn how to say "I am going to school, bye dad, etc". Also continue learning Pinyin, and learn more words and phrases related to "going to school" in Mandarin Chinese.

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5 Responses to “Lesson 17: Going to School (II)”

  1. Pauline

    Excellent Aihua and Amy…..most enjoyable way of presenting a difficult subjet…Have a Happy New Year and continue your good work.

  2. aihua


    Hi Pauline,

    Thank you very much for your encouragement! Amy and I will try our best to make Kids Chinese Podcast better.

    Happy New Year to You!

  3. Josephine

    In the dialogue that says “I am going to school”. I am confused because the vocabulary we learned for school is “xue xiao” but in the sentence, “xiao” is dropped. This is confusing. Why is “xiao” dropped in the sentence?

    • aihua


      Hi Josephine,

      You are right.

      “School” is “学校 (xué xiào)”

      “To go to school” is “上学(shàng xué)”. It has the same meaning of “上学校(shàng xué xiào)”. However, in Chinese, people usually say “上学(shàng xué)”, and drop “校(xiào)”. Why? I guess people like simpler form.

  4. Zarah and Lanie

    hi Josephine, can our kids become language partners? I am thinking we could set up a channel where we (parents) and kids can chat via Skype or other online tools so we can use our newly learnt vocabulary…regards, Lanie


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