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Lesson 15: Having Snack (II)

Learn how to say "to eat fruit, drink juice, etc". Also continue learning Pinyin, and learn some words and phrases related to "having snack" in Mandarin Chinese.

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4 Responses to “Lesson 15: Having Snack (II)”

  1. Josephine Gallares

    Thanks for this lessons. I need to practice saying the practice sentences as fast as the recording. I have a question–When I invite friends to have snacks, how do I say “Let’s have snacks!”Thank you!

    • aihua


      Thank you for your question.

      “Let’s have snacks!”
      in Chinese, “我们吃点心吧!(wǒ men chī diǎn xin bā)”.

  2. Amirah Aisyah

    I would like to ask about ‘ye’ which means and in this lesson. I noticed that in the previous one, we use ‘he’ as and. How can I use these word correctly?
    Thank you!


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