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More and more people are interested in Learning How to Speak Chinese. Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are wonderful choice for you to learn how to speak Chinese.

Best Way Helping You Learning How to Speak Chinese

Here are six steps you can take to make your Chinese learning more efficiently and effectively.

1. Learn Pinyin

To learn and master Chinese pronunciation, you must learn Pinyin. Pinyin is also needed to look up Chinese words in dictionaries and for typing in Chinese characters with a Computer.

2. Pay attention to the tones

Since there are limited syllables in Chinese, there are many homonyms, making attention to tones very important. Learning to write the Pinyin with correct tones at the same time as you learn the Chinese characters will improve your pronunciation and your listening comprehension.

3. Try to imitate after the teacher, even if the sounds seem to be difficult to pronounce

Speaking and hearing yourself speaking will help reinforce the text in your memory. Exaggerating the tones can help you remember them easier.

4. Find a language partner

This is why I promote family members and friends learning Chinese together. So you can get a Chinese-learning environment easily and easier to stay motivated to learn Chinese.

5. Listen to Chinese audio programs

There is a wide variety of multimedia options that you can use to expose your ears to native Chinese speaking. Use Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lessons. Download as much audio lesson as you can from Kids Chinese Podcast web site or iTunes to your smart phones or MP3 players and start listening. Listen as many times as possible whenever you have a chance. For example, whenever you are in the car, or commuting, or doing other mechanical tasks.

6. Practice what you have learned

Whenever you have a chance, practice what you have learned. Practice with your family and your friends whenever you can.

Podcast: A great learning tool

From educational point of view, podcasting is giving educators another way to meet today’s students where they live and learn on the Internet and on audio players. Now, the students are able to take the teacher anywhere by bring their podcast with them.

For language education, a podcast is extremely helpful. For example, students can listen to a podcasts of vocabulary words again and again on their own MP3 players. They also can control the speed of the recorded sounds. And education research reports that the average vocabulary comprehension rate has risen from 40 to 95 percent by using podcast lessons.

Chinese Podcast

Since Mandarin Chinese is the number one most widely spoken language in the world, Chinese Podcast is a great way for you to learn Chinese. You can download the Chinese audio files onto your phone or mp3 player and listen to them at any time you like. You can play them while driving, waiting in line at a grocery store, or jogging in the morning. Podcasts give you the opportunity for frequent exposure to the sounds of the Chinese language so that your ear becomes more accustomed to the nuances and patterns of the spoken Chinese language.
Using Chinese Podcast, you can learn Chinese at your own convenience and pace with short, effective, and fun audio Chinese podcast lessons.

Kids Chinese Podcast

The goal of Kids Chinese Podcast is to make learning the Chinese language easy and fun, while also help you learn Chinese culture and current issues by the Chinese lessons. I believe that the more you speak, the quicker you learn, so Kids Chinese Podcast have designed the Chinese course to get you speaking right away from Lesson 1. Conversational Chinese is heavily emphasized, and the section of “Daily Conversation” plays various situations to demonstrate the proper form of Chinese to use when speaking with family, friends, customers, and so on. was designed with the hope of showing the world how fun and easy learning Chinese can be. At, I truly believe that learning Chinese can be fun, while at the same time convenient. The fun and easy to use Chinese Lessons are designed to get you speaking and interacting from the very first lesson. Learn Chinese at your own convenience and pace with short, effective, fun Chinese lessons to achieve the best learning results! The interactive learning Chinese lessons consist of free audio podcast lessons, accompanying PDF materials, worksheet and online exercises and quizzes. offers a unique learning experience that can not be found in conventional Chinese classrooms. In addition to offering Chinese lessons that can be completed on your own time, the method that “Learning a foreign language as a kid” is used for level- 1 Chinese lessons to help you learn Chinese and speak Chinese as a native Chinese speaker.

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