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The best way for learning to read Chinese is read what you are interested in. If you are interested in healthy diet, you may like the following essay written in both Chinese and English.


水果营养丰富,被视为健康食品深受欢迎。特别是,含糖分最低的水果往往是营养价值最高的水果,其中包 括一些抗氧化剂和其他植物营养素。然而,一些水果确实含有相对较高的糖份,了解哪些水果含有较低的糖分,那些含较高的糖分,将有助于我们在吃水果时作出更好的选择。

• 柠檬
• 酸橙
• 树莓
• 黑莓
• 草莓
• 木瓜
• 西瓜
• 桃
• 油桃
• 蓝莓
• 甜瓜
• 苹果
• 番石榴
• 杏
• 葡萄柚

• 李子
• 橙子
• 猕猴桃
• 梨
• 菠萝
• 橘子
• 樱桃
• 葡萄
• 石榴
• 芒果
• 无花果
• 香蕉

此 外,干果如枣,葡萄干,杏干,梅干等都含有较高的糖分。如果你想减肥,参考以上的列表,尽量选择含低糖的水果。

Low Sugar Fruit

Fruits are nutritious and are popular as healthy food. Especially, the fruits lowest in sugar is some of the highest in nutritional value, including antioxidants and other phytonutrients. However, some fruits do contain relatively high sugar, for those who are concerning sugar intake, to know which kind of fruit belongs to low sugar group, while which belongs to high sugar group, will be helpful for making your fruit choices.

Fruits in Low Sugar Group (from lowest to highest)
• Lemon
• Lime
• Raspberry
• Blackberry
• Cranberry
• Strawberry
• Papaya
• Watermelon
• Peach
• Nectarine
• Blueberry
• Melon
• Apple
• Guava
• Apricot
• Grapefruit

Fruits in High Sugar Group (from lowest to highest)
• Plum
• Orange
• Kiwifruit
• Pear
• Pineapple
• Tangerine
• Cherry
• Grape
• Pomegranate
• Mango
• Fig
• Banana

In addition, dried fruit, such as date, raisins, dried apricots, prune, has high sugar content. If you are on a diet, make the smart choice by considering this list while you still can enjoy these delicious fruits.

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