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Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are great resource for kids learning mandarin Chinese.

Early Childhood Language Development

Language and communicative competence are critical for learning, engaging in social relationships, and succeeding in school and beyond. Early Childhood Language development in the first five years of life is the key for children’s development of communication and language.

By 5 Years old, most children can use many descriptive words both adjectives and adverbs. They also know common opposites such as big, little; heave, light; long, short; etc.. Usually, they can repeat sentences as long as nine words. In addition, at most of time, they use correct grammar.

Help Your Child Learning Mandarin Chinese

Language learning is a process. Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to language learning.

We suggest parents help your child learn Chinese language in the following ways.

1. Create a Chinese-language-learning friendly family environment
Because language and speech are primarily learned through imitation and observation, the amount and kind of language stimulation at home help your child learn Mandarin Chinese.

2. Encourage your child speak Chinese
There are many activities parents and your child can engage in to help your child learn Mandarin Chinese. Repeat any sounds your child attempts and praise his or her efforts. Encourage your child to expand on his or her simple Chinese words and phrases.

3. Read to/with your child
Reading to/with your child on a daily basis is vital to learning Chinese language. Read age appropriate Chinese picture books such as those with animals, colors, shapes, and everyday objects. Say the names of the pictures and allow your child to identify the correct object. Make reading a fun activity and remember to praise your child’s efforts and attempts for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese nursery rhymes and children’s songs are also very helpful for your child to learn Chinese speech patterns and language skills.

4. Make Chinese picture books with your child
Help your child collect pictures of his or her favorite toys, animals, people, and things and then allow him or her to sort the pictures into groups. Glue the pictures onto paper and have your child read the labels. Read the Chinese picture book together with your child often and add new pictures and Chinese words as his or her vocabulary grows.

5. Use fun toys
Some electronic toys can make Chinese sounds, which helps young children to enhance Chinese language learning. Some fun games that allow your child to copy the Chinese words and some even encourage the child to express himself or herself through pictures.

6. Use audio Chinese lessons

Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast is one of the best Chinese learning programs for beginners. Your child can learn Mandarin Chinese with 5-year-old Amy together. He or she will enjoy learning Chinese with these fun Chinese lessons.

Help your child start early and learn Chinese now.

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