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The Benefits of Learning Chinese

Nobody doubts that the globalization makes us live in a global society. Our world is growing at such a amazing rate and the world economy is merging at an unforgiving speed. Many people believe that if they can speak English and Chinese, they can communicate with almost everyone in the world.

There are a lot of people around the world who want to learn the Chinese language in order to communicate with the largest population in the world.

Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese does not need to be complicated. Deciding what to learn as a Chinese beginner is critical for effective learning. If you select the wrong material, it does not matter how you study since practical fluency is impossible without the proper material. The content of a Chinese course is the key to your success. Use the Chinese language as a vehicle for learning more about a subject, skill, or cultural area of your interest.

If you decided to learn Chinese, a first step is to determine what you want to do with the Chinese language. Is it to travel to China? To read a book in Chinese? Or to communicate with Chinese people? First, you decide what to learn based on usage frequency, the priority and then focus on what vocabulary and subject matter to you.

For example, If your interest is to communicate with others by speaking Chinese, then first you must focus on conversational Chinese. You should choose the material based on its frequency of usage. Start learning the 100 most common Chinese characters and words, and then move to the most common 300-500 Chinese words. Content and vocabulary selection should be dictated by your subject matter interest. In this case, your subject should be focus on daily conversational Chinese.

In my opinion, for most of Chinese beginners, daily conversational Chinese is a good start point since you can practice what you learned everyday. In addition, daily conversational Chinese use relatively simple Chinese words and grammar suitable for beginners. You could start learning daily conversational Chinese with a native Chinese speaker for the clear and accurate pronunciation, and to take your first steps in Chinese conversation.

Learning Chinese Phonics - Pinyin

Pinyin is essential and the most fundamental part for all serious Chinese learners. If you are learning Chinese, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student, you shall be aware of paramount importance of Pinyin.

I believe that the most difficult part to master Chinese language is the four tones of pinyin for Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters. However, the Chinese grammar is much easier compared to English language. If you are a Chinese beginner, you must learn Pinyin first. If you are an advanced Chinese learner, you must master Pinyin.

If you master Pinyin, you can express yourself more clearly in Chinese. It can also help you in archiving better listening comprehension. Before learning how to speak, read, write, or pronounce Chinese characters, you must first learn Pinyin.

Learning Chinese Website -

The learning Chinese website, offers Practical and fun Chinese Lessons helping you learn Chinese and master Chinese sooner!

You can get the full access of the first three lessons at each level free. All the MP3 audio Chinese lessons are free. The full transcript, PDF worksheet, exercises and quizzes are available for registered members.

Level 1: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Day of A kindergartner
Level 2: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Week of A First Grader

The Pinyin course is designed for helping you to learn pinyin in 21 days. I call it a Crash Pinyin Course. It is better to use it as a Pinyin review course as well.

If you are a Chinese beginner, and have never learned Pinyin before, I recommend you start with Lesson 1.
In Level-1 lessons, you will learn pinyin gradually in each lesson. After you done level-1 lessons, you will have learned all the Pinyin. Then you can go to the “pinyin course” to review Pinyin, do some online exercises and quizzes, and finally take the Learn Chinese Pinyin in 21 Days – Day 21: Pinyin Test.

Of course, it’s up to you. If you want to start with this Pinyin course and have a overview of Pinyin in a very short time, I think it is still a good approach to learn Pinyin. is a great learning Chinese website helping you learn Mandarin Chinese easier and faster with practical and fun Chinese lessons.

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