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Hanyu Pinyin or Chinese Pinyin is also called Pinyin or Pin Yin. It literally means “spelled sound”, phonetics. Pin means “spelling” and Yin means “sound”. Pinyin is a system of phonemic notation and transcription to Roman script for Mandarin Chinese language. Therefore, to learn speaking Chinese you must learn pinyin.

Pinyin is essential and the most fundamental part for all serious Chinese learners. If you are learning Chinese, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student, you shall be aware of paramount importance of Pinyin. If you are a Chinese beginner, you must learn Pinyin first. If you are an advanced Chinese learner, you must master pinyin. Hope this pinyin course including text, pictures, audio, examples, online practices and quizzes help you learn pinyin and master pinyin easier and sooner!

This Pinyin course is designed for you to learn pinyin in 21 days. I call it a Crash Pinyin Course. Generally speaking, It is better to use it as a Pinyin review course. If you are a logical-type person who likes taking advantage of logical thinking, I think this Pinyin course is for you since there are some spelling rules to help you understand and memorize Pinyin. On the other hand, if you are a Chinese teacher or parent helping a young kid learn Chinese, I highly recommend you use Lesson 1 to start learning Pinyin, then use this Pinyin course as a Pinyin review course.

If you are a Chinese beginner, and have never learned Pinyin before, I recommend you start with Lesson 1.

In Level-1 lessons, you will learn pinyin gradually in each lesson. After you done level-1 lessons, you will have learned all the Pinyin. Then you can go to the "pinyin course" to review Pinyin, do some online exercises and quizzes, and finally take the Learn Chinese Pinyin in 21 Days – Day 21: Pinyin Test.

Of course, it's up to you. If you want to start with this Pinyin course and have a overview of Pinyin in a very short time, I think it is still a good approach, the top-down approach to learn Pinyin.

Please note that we only have Audio from Learn Chinese Pinyin in 21 Days – Day 1: Tones to Learn Chinese Pinyin in 21 Days – Day 21: Pinyin Test, since the first two are the introduction of Chinese Pinyin in this Pinyin Course.

To listen to the audio, please click the triangle of the icon in each Pinyin lesson.


If you master Pinyin, you can express yourself more clearly in Chinese; it can also help you achieving better listening comprehension. Before learning how to read, write, or pronounce Chinese characters, you must learn pinyin first.

Pinyin is the foundation for learning Chinese. If you develop a bad pronunciation habit, it will be very difficult to make a correction. I recommend you take the pinyin course before you start Level 2 Chinese lessons.

If you already learned pinyin and mastered Pinyin, Congratulations! Hope you enjoy learning Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lessons.

Please note that the Pinyin Course is not in podcast format. 
The only way to listen to the Pinyin Course is to visit the web page at http://KidsChinesePodcast.com/learn-pinyin/ by your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.


Hope this Pinyin Course help you learn pinyin easier and sooner. 

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