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The Chinese language integrates both meaning and pronunciation information in its characters. One of the goals of Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese podcast is to help you learn Chinese characters. This article discusses on how to learn Chinese writing.

Ways to Learn Chinese Writing - Chinese Characters

Although many beginners think Chinese characters are very complex, actually the Chinese characters are not random, individual mishmashes of lines. In fact they are all derived from a couple hundred simple pictographs and ideographs in ways that are usually quite logical and easy to remember. Here are some ways you can refer to when you learn how to write Chinese characters.

1. Learn what each of the components, radicals, represents including the meanings of the characters and the pronunciation since most Chinese characters are formed to represent physical items or abstract concepts.

2. Learn the correct way, stroke order, to write each Chinese character. It is easier for you to memorize how to write a Chinese character in a fixed order.

3. Use Chinese worksheet to practice Chinese writing. Each lesson with Kids Chinese Podcast has printable PDF worksheet helping you learn writing and reading Chinese characters.

4. Practice writing characters whenever possible.

5. Make some character cards with a single large character on the front and the character's pronunciation and meaning together with words and/or phrases featuring the character on the back. "Word Dictionary and Stroke Order" in each lesson with Kids Chinese podcast offers you this feature.

As you learn more Chinese characters, you will start to notice recurring themes and patterns. This will help you to guess the meanings of new characters. The more characters you learn, the easier it will become to learn new ones.

Start with Learning How to Write Chinese Numbers

The simplest Chinese characters are Chinese numbers, so there's no better place to get started than with the numbers 1-10. The Chinese numbers are quite simple to write and very useful to know.

The following Chinese lessons help you learn how to read and write Chinese numbers with printable worksheet and online exercises and quizzes.

Lesson 29: Numbers (I)
Lesson 30: Numbers (II)
Lesson 58: Chinese Numbers
Lesson 101: Numbers Up To 100
Lesson 102: Numbers Up To 1000
Lesson 103: Numbers Up To 10000

Learn Most Common Chinese Characters

Most Common Chinese Characters are those most frequently used characters in the Chinese language.

By Chinese language research, if you know just 1,000 most common Chinese characters, you will understand approximately 90% of written communication. With 2,500 most common Chinese characters you'll understand around 98% of written Chinese, and knowing 3500 most common Chinese characters will enable you to understand virtually 100%. Therefore, if you know about 3,500 Chinese characters, you should be able to handle normal Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks.

Please refer to The Most Common Chinese Characters for detail.

Although how to learn Chinese Writing depends on your personal preference,Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast help you learn Chinese writing in a natural-language-acquiring way. In addition, the Chinese lessons use fun and efficient ways help you learn Chinese pronunciation based on pinyin, sentence patterns, and reading and writing. By the end of the level-1 Chinese lessons, you should be able to pronounce the sounds of Mandarin Chinese with reasonable accuracy; introduce yourself and your family; talk about most of your daily activities in Chinese. You should also be able to read and write some simplified Chinese characters and their corresponding pinyin Romanization.

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