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Learn Chinese Podcast is a great tool to help you learn Chinese. Using Chinese Podcast, you can learn Chinese at your own convenience and pace with fun, practical and effective audio Chinese podcast lessons.

Chinese Podcast is a Great Tool to Learn Chinese

A podcast is actually a series of digital audio or video file that are released episodically. Usually, it can be downloaded through internet. You can listen to podcasts on anything that plays MP3 files. For example, you can listen to it using a computer or, more commonly, to a portable MP3 player or a smart phone. In summary, with proper setting, a podcast is an audio file that is automatically received from the internet and then synced to your MP3 player.

With podcasts, you have a lot of control. You can listen to a podcast exactly what you want, when you want and how you want. You can do fast forward, and fast backward. You also can play it over and over again. You can pause it, store it wherever you want. You can delete it when you want.

For educational purpose, podcasting is giving educators another way to meet today’s students' needs. No matter where they live, the students can learn on the Internet and on audio players. The students are able to take the teacher anywhere by bring the podcast lessons with them.

To learn a new language, a podcast is extremely helpful. For example, students can listen to a podcast of vocabulary words again and again on their own MP3 players. They also can control the speed of the recorded sounds. And education research reports that the average vocabulary comprehension rate has risen from 40 to 95 percent by using podcast lessons.

Because Mandarin Chinese is the number one most widely spoken language in the world, more and more people are starting learning Chinese. Chinese Podcast is a great way for you to learn Chinese. You can download the Chinese audio files onto your smart phone or mp3 player and listen to them at any time you like. You can play them while driving, waiting in line at a grocery store, or jogging in the morning. Chinese Podcasts give you the opportunity for frequent exposure to the sounds of the Chinese language so that your ear becomes more accustomed to the nuances and patterns of the spoken Chinese language.

Kids Chinese Podcast

The goal of Kids Chinese Podcast is to make learning the Chinese language easy and fun, while also help you learn Chinese culture by the Chinese lessons. The more you speak, the quicker you learn, so Kids Chinese Podcast have designed the Chinese course to get you speaking right away from Lesson 1. Conversational Chinese is heavily emphasized, and the section of “Daily Conversation” plays various situations to demonstrate the proper form of Chinese to use when speaking with family, friends, teachers, and so on.

Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are designed with the hope of showing the world how fun and easy learning Chinese can be. At, we truly believe that learning Chinese can be fun, while at the same time convenient. The fun and easy to use Chinese Lessons are designed to get you speaking and interacting from the very first lesson. Learn Chinese at your own convenience and pace with short, effective, fun Chinese lessons to achieve the best learning results! The interactive learning Chinese lessons consist of free audio podcast lessons, accompanying PDF materials, worksheet and online exercises and quizzes.

Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast offer a unique learning experience that can not be found in conventional Chinese classrooms. In addition to offering Chinese lessons that can be completed on your own time and your pace, the method that “Learning a foreign language as a kid” is used for level- 1 Chinese lessons to help you learn Chinese and speak Chinese as a native Chinese speaker.

When children acquire their mother tongue, they understand and speak before they are capable of reading and writing. This is also true when learning a foreign language. In the Level-1 Chinese lessons, the goal of Kids Chinese Podcast is to let students have a feeling on Chinese phonics and Chinese Characters, and build a sense of Chinese language in a short period of time. The transcript serves a very good study guide, you can use it as a textbook. Musical tones are perhaps the most difficult thing in Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, that is why Kids Chinese Podcast use the native-language-acquiring approach, namely, the just listening and then understanding way at Level-1 for Chinese beginners. Language Research Study reports that kids under five can speak a language without any accent just like a native speaker.

For Level-2 and up Chinese lessons, Kids Chinese Podcast use the teaching methods that take advantage of logical thinking as well. Kids Chinese Podcast helps you to learn Chinese listening and speaking via podcast Chinese lessons, and Chinese reading and writing via podcast transcript and exercise worksheet and online exercises and quizzes. Lessons’ topics are designed using practical dialogs starting with focusing on kids’ daily life in the United States while you receive systematic training on Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing.

If you are interested in learning Chinese, please take a look at the Free Chinese Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast that are practical and fun to help you achieve the best learning results.

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