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Chinese Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are designed to help kids Learn Chinese with ease. They are not only are the Chinese lessons very interesting and practical, but also very easy for the parents to guide and teach children.

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world due to the large Chinese population. It is reported that nearly 1.4 billion people speak Chinese today, nearly three times the number of English speakers. More and more kids, teenagers, and adults around world are learning Mandarin Chinese.

More and more children learn Chinese

English is the first foreign language taught in public and private schools in China. Many children in China are already fluent in English. The number of foreign students studying English as a second language exceeds the number of "mother-tongue" speakers from the United States and Britain. Some believe that while English may be the language everyone is listening to and learning today, in the near future, it will likely find itself sharing the world's spotlight. Whether or not kids learn Chinese today, experts predict that they will face a different linguistic world by the time they reach adulthood.

It is reported that Mandarin Chinese is becoming the hottest new language because the rising numbers of young kids learn Chinese in American schools.

Recommend children learn Chinese now

The lack of students fluent in a foreign language in the United States will eventually weaken the competitiveness. Many people believe that kids should learn Chinese because of the boom in the Chinese economy, in addition, it is the most spoken language in the world. Parents and teachers should encourage kids to learn Chinese today, expecting that their greater knowledge and broader experience may give them significant advantages in the globalized workplace of tomorrow. The ability to speak several languages could prove to be extremely advantageous, and kids who learn Chinese will put themselves at the top of the multilingual list.

Because of the impact of rapid globalization and the economic rise of China, the educational system has a responsibility to prepare children for the demands of their future.

When kids learn to speak Chinese, they benefit from an expanded cultural awareness. One doesn't need to be proficient in Chinese languages in order to do business in China. But the exposure and the motivation to show that one understands and respects the Chinese culture is really half the battle won.

If young children are to take on challenging global leadership roles, they must possess a deep understanding of and appreciation for other cultures, economies, history and languages.

The rapid changes around the globe represent new needs and new directions for children of all ages as well as adults, and new opportunities for bringing children to a broader and a bigger world. Kids who learn Chinese and English will be ready to join the global conversation and take advantage of all the world has to offer.

The earlier the better

The earlier your kids start learning Chinese, the easier it will be for them to master the language. Language Research Study reports that kids under five can speak a language without any accent just like a native speaker.

Chinese course with Kids Chinese Podcast helps children learn Chinese while discussing the topics they are interested in. We develop the Chinese study course for kids learning Chinese based on children's learning style and pace. We teach kids practical Chinese (e.g., practical Chinese speaking) that can be most useful for every day life. Moreover, we offer a variety of interesting topics that make learning Chinese for kids effective and fun! Choosing kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lessons at is one of the best investments you can make for your children's futures.

Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast will teach your children listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Chinese Lessons are specially designed for kids to learn Chinese. We offer a variety of interesting, kid-friendly topics which enable kids to Chinese effective with fun!

Learning language at a young age is as much a basic skill as walking or eating or talking.
It’s the best gift parents can give your child for life.

Start with these free Chinese lessons designed for Kids and help kids Learn Chinese efficiently and effectively today!

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