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To learn Chinese characters online is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to learn Chinese. Kids Chinese podcast recommend you learn Chinese characters and words in context. Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast help you learn most frequently used Chinese characters in a very efficient and effective way.

Best ways to learn Chinese Characters

1. Learn radicals

Radicals are components of Chinese characters that you will see repeated over and over again. Learning the meaning of radicals will help you to see the connections between similar categories of words. Many characters are comprised of radical-phonetic pairings, where the radical is the “root” that hints at the meaning of the word, while another part of the character hints at the sound of the word. Learning to spot radicals is also useful as they are used when looking up unfamiliar words in Chinese dictionaries.

2. Use a dictionary

A good dictionary is very useful for looking up new Chinese words. Online Chinese-English dictionary at is a very good choice when you learn Chinese characters .

3. Encourage reading

In intensive reading, you are expected to know the meaning of every word and phrase; in extensive reading you strive for the meanings of unfamiliar words . When you are reading intensively, you would look up every word you did not know. When reading extensively, on the other hand, you might guess correctly meaning of the unknown words by the words you already know. As soon as possible, you should begin using an Chinese-Chinese dictionary.

4. Practice writing Chinese characters

When you learn Chinese Characters, you need to write each Chinese character at least several times to remember them. Use the worksheet of Kids Chinese Podcast to practice your Chinese writing. Quiz yourself periodically to test your memory and to find which Chinese characters you need more practice on. As you write, remember to think what the sound and meanings of the character are, and speak it out loudly. Learn the right stroke order initially and write slowly and nicely when you starting out. Look carefully at the printed character each time before you start copying. Actually writing is important to establish a "motor memory" of each Chinese character, which allowing your writing to flow easily once you get started.

You can find the stroke order info for each Chinese character learned in the Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast in PDF file called "Word Info" in "Word Dictionary and Strike Order" section. You can print it if you like. We also highly recommend you to print worksheet and practice writing and reading Chinese characters learned in each Chinese lesson.

Choose a good Chinese program to Start with

To learn Chinese characters online is just a part of learning Chinese. To learn Chinese characters efficiently, you need to find a good Chinese learning program for you.

What are the characteristics of a "good Chinese program"? In my opinion, it is a program that:

1. Teaches you clear and accurate Chinese pronunciation. A Chinese learning program with audio lessons recorded by a native Chinese speaker along with the accompanying text would be a great choice.

2. Emphasize the basics. After all, it is easy to expand your vocabulary once you mastered the basics of Chinese. In the beginning, only essential vocabulary, and basic grammar are necessary. A Chinese learning program focus on daily conversational Chinese would be ideal for beginners.

3. Teaches you the essentials of Chinese grammar, and does not try to fill your head with grammatical fine points that you will practically never need. A Chinese program that teaches you practical Chinese will be a good fit for you.

4. Gives you exercises with which you can practice that vocabulary and grammar, and will include an answer key.

5. Presents you with a basic vocabulary, about 800 to 1500 Chinese words .

Use convenient ways to learn Chinese

Traditionally, the only way people could take live Chinese lessons is by meeting Chinese teachers face to face, either in schools, language learning centers or at a physical location. It usually takes a lot of time, cost and effort to make a trip to the Chinese classes. Some people could not have the access to this kind of Chinese classes. Nowadays, you can learn Chinese in many easier and more convenient ways, such as learning Chinese using Chinese Podcast, and learning Chinese online. You can learn Chinese anywhere in the world and whenever you have time!

Focus on Chinese words and phrases

Build up your Chinese vocabulary, you will need lots of them. Start to notice the Chinese words and how they come together as phrases. Learn these words and phrases through your listening and reading. Read online using online Chinese dictionaries, and make your own vocabulary lists for review. Soon you will run into your new words and phrases elsewhere. Gradually you will be able to use them. You can learn a plenty of Chinese words through listening and reading.

Learning and using

One of the major issues some Chinese learners have is that they spend too much time on academics, drown themselves in grammar and vocabulary study, and devote little time to actually using the Chinese language. Language is a means of communication between human beings, not a list of facts to be memorized. If you want to make some progress in Chinese, you need to use what you have learned whenever it is possible. As the old saying goes, “use it or lose it.”

Be persistent and never give up! Unlike many western languages which share some common linguistic roots with English and which can often be learned fairly quickly with a large amount of self-study, acquiring a basic competency in a language as different from English as Chinese requires a high level of commitment and persistence.

To learn Chinese characters online, start with the Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast now!

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