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Kids Chinese Podcast: Newsletter No.16

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Learn Chinese Character

Written Chinese does not use alphabets; instead it is written entirely with Chinese characters called hànzi. There are more than 50,000 of these characters. To read Modern Chinese, such as newspapers or other general documents you need to know about 4,000 - 5,000 hànzi. It takes native Chinese children three to six years to learn these Chinese characters at school.

If your mother tongue is an alphabet based language, you might think Chinese characters are random with lines without pattern. However, Chinese characters were created many centuries ago, using an ingenious system of symbols, which have meanings.

Chinese characters are built from strokes written in a virtual square box. For each Chinese character, you will learn its shape, its pronunciation, its radical, its meanings, and words or idioms that use the character. The way to memorize the shape is to write the character over and over again following a specific sequence order. The pronunciations of characters are represented using phonetic symbols, called Pinyin. A student needs to learn the phonetic system (Learn Pinyin) before starting to learn Chinese characters. In reality, knowing the radical and the exact sequence order of the strokes of each character is not necessary, but recommended for learning the Chinese language.

For Level-2 Chinese lessons, we added Vocabulary section where you can learn a Chinese character by just clicking the character.

For example:

Pinyin: yòng
§ to use
§ to employ
§ to have to
§ to eat or drink
§ expense or outlay
§ usefulness
§ hence
§ therefore

As you learn more Chinese characters, you will start to notice recurring themes and patterns. This will help you to guess the meanings of new Chinese characters. The more characters you learn, the easier it will become to learn new ones.

Chinese Lessons
Kids Chinese Podcast continue adding more Level-2 Chinese lessons. In the past month, we had the following four Level-2 Chinese lessons.

o Lesson 70: Dining Table Cloth
o Lesson 71: Kitchen
o Lesson 72: Washing Dishes
o Lesson 73: Microwave

How are you doing? Can you keep up with us?

Be patient and keep learning Chinese, you will improve your Chinese little by little. Like acquiring any new skills, the key to learn Chinese and master Chinese language is persistence, keep going. Don't you agree with me?

Hope you find the Chinese lessons helpful.

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