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To learn Chinese in 5 minutes a day is one of the most efficient and effective ways to learn Chinese by language experts. Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are designed with this in mind. Each audio Chinese lesson (Podcast) is around 5 minutes, which is sweet and it can keep you concentrated on learning Chinese in 5 minutes, a short period time.

Study Chinese pronunciation seriously

Kids Chinese Podcast believe Chinese pronunciation is one of the most critical parts for learning Chinese.

You may often hear somebody say, “You are a foreigner, therefore you will always have a foreign accent.” This is often used to discourage language learners from studying pronunciation seriously. There is no reason why you can not speak the Chinese language with a perfect, natural accent. You will need at least some talent for imitating sounds. If you can imitate people in your own language, that is a very good sign. However, if you just do not have the talent, you can largely make up for it with persistence and a little technology.

For example, you can record your voice with your computer and compare it with the native Chinese speakers' pronunciation. This technique helps many Chinese learners see where their pronunciation is different from the original and lets them gradually make it more native-like. Perhaps you will not be indistinguishable from a native Chinese in the end, but you are likely to achieve clear, pleasant pronunciation that will give native Chinese speakers something to wonder about.

First, you will need to study Chinese phonetics, Pinyin. Find a resource which has recordings of all the sounds of the Chinese language, Pinyin. Then, discover which sounds are used in which words by listening to the Chinese language and by reading phonetic transcriptions.

Achieving a good Chinese pronunciation should be one of the first things that you learn in Chinese. You can live without advanced vocabulary. You can use simple Chinese words to say what you want to say. You can live without advanced grammar. You can use simple grammar structures instead. But there is no such thing as “simple pronunciation”. If you do not have good pronunciation, you have bad pronunciation. Even if you use correct Chinese grammar, Chinese speakers may not understand what you want to say.

Unfortunately, many Chinese learners ignore pronunciation. Nobody understands what they are saying. If you do not put effort into Chinese pronunciation, you will make mistakes, and mistakes can turn into bad habits. The longer you ignore pronunciation, the more bad habits you will form. So do not put it off, study Chinese pronunciation seriously in the beginning stage of your Chinese study.

Build a good study habit

The more time you spend with the Chinese language, the faster you will learn. This means listening, reading, writing, speaking, and studying Chinese words and phrases. This does not mean sitting in Chinese class looking out the window mindlessly. This means spending time enjoyably connected to your Chinese language learning.

The decision to learn Chinese requires changes in your life. Listen wherever you can. Read what you are listening to. Listen to and read things that you like, things that you can mostly understand, or even partly understand. If you keep listening and reading you will get used to the Chinese language. For example, decide that you will read a book in Chinese for 30 minutes every day and keep to do that. It is very difficult to make a small, but permanent change to your life, especially if learning Chinese does not seem “fun”. However, you should remember that studying Chinese for 15 minutes every day gives you much better results than studying for a whole day once a month.

You also need to engage in other Chinese-skill-building activities. A good Chinese learner will have a set of activities, such as listening to Chinese audios, practicing pronunciation, reading, watching TV, etc. and choose from that set according to his or her mood. One activity is not good enough, because it gives you a range of language skills that is typically too narrow and you get bored more easily. For example, reading in Chinese can not improve your pronunciation, although it can improve your grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Do not worry about what you can not remember, or can not yet understand, or can not yet say. It does not matter. You are learning and improving. The Chinese language will gradually become clearer in your brain, but this will happen on a schedule that you can not control. So sit back and enjoy the process of learning Chinese. Just make sure you spend enough time with the Chinese language. That is the greatest guarantee to your success.

You may find it hard to make any progress sometimes. But, you just keep learning and trying to incorporate what you learned into your everyday life. Use what you learned as possible as you can by listening to Chinese podcast or audios, watching Chinese video, talking to whoever speak Chinese, reading Chinese books, writing Chinese characters and essays. Remember, learning a new language takes time.

As long as you keep learning, you will master Chinese.

Discipline, perseverance and patience

Like succeeding in anything else, you need the three key factors, which are discipline, perseverance and patience to achieve Chinese fluency.

1. Discipline: to work regularly towards your goal, preferably doing something to improve your Chinese every single day.
2. Perseverance: to work your way systematically through the materials you have, never give up.
3. Patience: to keep you from getting frustrated, and help you to truly enjoy learning the Chinese language.

Today’s world demands multi cultural merging in communications, especially with business and internet as well. It is believed that you can double your strength to compete with the global market if you have successfully picked up a second language, more career doors open as a result. The Chinese language is a language with eastern wonderful culture to understand and it is a language to learn and master in order to communicate well with the largest population in the world. Learning Chinese as your second language or third language could be exactly to your advantage. With the proper learning tools and discipline, learning Chinese can be a eloquent and beneficial goal for you.

For most of English Speakers, the Chinese language seems to be a complex mystery intimidating to unravel and to understand. However, to learn Chinese language is not difficult as you thought because the grammar of the Chinese language is much simpler than English. China has over five thousand years history, so the Chinese language contains the rich Chinese culture. If you wish to learn Chinese, I suggest you start learning to speak Chinese first just as a little kid. You will be amazed how fast you can speak Chinese! Find some effective ways to help you learn Chinese and choose the best way to learn Chinese so that you can learn Chinese with ease and master Chinese sooner!

If you are interested in learning Chinese, learn Chinese in 5 Minutes a day, please take a look at the Free Chinese Lessons that are practical and fun to help you achieve the best learning results.

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