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Many people believe that if they can speak English and Chinese, they can communicate with almost everyone in the world. There are a lot of people around the world who want to learn the Chinese language in order to communicate with the largest population in the world. Although they want to gain the benefits of learning Chinese, they have various difficulty of learning it.

Here are some of  the most asked questions.

"How can I learn Chinese easier and faster?"
"How can I keep motivated to learn Chinese?"
"How can I choose the effective material to learn Chinese?"
"What are some of the efficient and effective ways to learn Chinese?"
"What kind of Chinese learning program is good?"
"What is the best way to learn Chinese?"

The Amazon Kindle ebook, "The Best Way to Learn Chinese" answers these questions.

By reading this book, for Chinese learners, you can find the best way to learn Chinese for you, and learn Chinese easier and faster. For teachers who are teaching Chinese as a foreign language, hope this book can share some good ideas with you to help your Chinese students achieve better learning results.

Table of Contents

The Benefits of Learning Chinese

Why learn a new language
Why learn Mandarin Chinese
What to Learn - Choose the Chinese Content for Effective Learning
Learn Daily Conversational Chinese
Learn Chinese Phonics - Pinyin
What is Pinyin?
How to learn Pinyin
How to learn to pronounce Chinese words
Learn Common Chinese Characters
How many Chinese characters do you need to know?
Learn Chinese Words
How do you know the order to learn Chinese words?
Learn Chinese Grammar
Why to Learn - Stay Motivated
How to Learn - Find the Best Learning Methods for Efficiency
The way children learn
The way use phrase book
Take a Chinese class
Work with Chinese tutors
Use computers and the internet
Learn Chinese songs and singing
Listen to Chinese as possible as you can
Learn Chinese culture
The Best Way to Learn Chinese for You
The best way to learn Chinese is to speak Chinese?
The best way to learn Chinese is to go to China?
Should you learn as children do?
A natural language-learning approach
Your commitment
Learn Chinese by your learning style
Best ways to learn Chinese pronunciation and speaking
Best ways to learn Chinese grammar
Chinese Podcast: A Great Way to Learn Chinese
What is Podcast?
Podcast: A great learning tool
Chinese Podcast
Kids Chinese Podcast
Tips for Learning Chinese Language
Developing a passion for learning Chinese
Have specific goals
Build a good study habit
Study Chinese pronunciation seriously
Choose a good Chinese program to Start with
Learn to simplify
Use convenient ways to learn Chinese
Focus on Chinese words and phrases
Learning and using
Take responsibility for your own learning
Discipline, perseverance and patience

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