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Business Chinese

Business Chinese focuses on business topics that help you learn Chinese about business in China or doing business with Chinese companies or organizations. Business Chinese resources will help you to perform simple communication tasks that are related to business, such as introductions, exchanging business cards, business etiquette during a company visit and at a banquet, and much more.

If you are doing business in China or with China, even basic Chinese speaking skills can go a very long way. Not mention that your good business Chinese skills will make you much more successful business deals.

Being able to speak to your Chinese colleagues and clients in their native tongue is a great way to make an immediate impression and will set you well on your way to building up the important relationship both in your workplace and beyond. Whether you want to study for the Business Chinese test (BCT), to have the confidence to participate in business negotiations, or just be able to have a chat with your co-workers or clients, the business Chinese program at Business Chinese Lessons can meet your especial needs.

Learn Basic Business Chinese

Are you planning a business trip or an extended stay in China? Are you about to start working in China or with China? Learning basic business Chinese will help you get quickly up to speed with all the ins and outs of life working in a Chinese company. Basic business Chinese will cover meetings, negotiations, telephone calls, banking, interviews, as well as other basic topics you’ll need for living and working in a Chinese-speaking environment or working with a company or organization of China.

Learn Industry-specific Business Chinese

The industry-specific Business Chinese aims to give you a thorough grounding in the areas of business Chinese which are of greatest interest to you. It includes the following industries: Semiconductor, IT, Law, Agriculture, Finance, Trade, Real Estate, Entertainment, Recruitment, Education, Management, Medicine, Construction and Mining etc.

Learn Chinese Business Etiquette

Chinese Business Etiquette not only covers the Chinese language that you will need to succeed in a Chinese business environment, but also approaches business Chinese from a more cultural perspective by exploring the differences between Chinese and Western business culture. The Chinese Business Etiquette program aims to help those who are looking for, or beginning, a job in China or with China and want a crash course focusing on job interviews, office politics and meeting etiquette etc. The Chinese Business Etiquette program gives you insights into the Chinese business culture. This business Chinese course will help you understand the Chinese workplace!

Business Chinese Test

Business Chinese Test(BCT)is the only official test for non-native speakers’ business Chinese level, designed to provide candidates with an official certificate of their Chinese proficiency, useful when applying for both jobs and university programs in China. The BCT is split into 2 exams: a Listening and Reading exam and a Speaking and Writing exam. This exam can be taken on a computer, meaning that, as long as your reading is up to scratch, you don’t have to worry about remembering how to write every character!

Business Chinese Lessons also help you prepare for all levels of the BCT. You can take a BCT assessment test to decide what Business Chinese level your are at and then decide what levels you aim for. Then we will help you with all the vocabulary and grammar you will need for your BCT exam, and test strategies to help you achieve a good test score.

There is no doubt that to take advantage of the many business opportunities in China, to learn business Chinese and acquire the business Chinese language skills is a key to your success in China's huge market.

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