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Here we talk about learning Chinese fast, where “fast” doesn't mean to learn Mandarin Chinese in two months. Instead, we focus on strategies that should optimize your time and efforts on Chinese learning, in order to learn Chinese fast.

Can I Learn Chinese Fast?

As long as you are genuinely interested and dedicated in learning Chinese, you can learn Chinese fast. You need to make sure that you are dedicated and willing to learn the Chinese language and find the best way for you to learn Chinese fast.

Actually, learning Chinese language is not as hard as you think. There are many Chinese lessons offered in various ways to help you learn Chinese these days. There are a lot of options for you to learn Chinese, such as podcast Chinese lessons, online Chinese lessons, Chinese classes in Chinese schools or other communities.

However, when you choose which Chinese lessons to start with and in which way you use to learn Chinese are critical for you to learn Chinese in an efficient and effective way, to help you learn Chinese fast.

Tips for Learning Chinese Fast

Let's assume that your goal is to be able to have daily conversation in Chinese first, then you can talk with Chinese native speakers when you are on a trip in China, and then you can understand a Chinese talk show and read Chinese newspapers.

No matter how long you’ve studied Chinese, there are efficient ways of tackling the language. However, If you really want to learn Mandarin Chinese, you have to commit to a minimum of active daily studying time.

Here are some tips for you to learn Chinese fast.

1. Be aware of tones

Learning tones well is the key to Chinese listening and speaking since Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, which means that speaking the same Chinese word with different pitch will give the word different meanings. Mandarin Chinese has 4 primary tones.

For Chinese beginners, you can do a lot of practice to drill the tones into your head. When you are unsure how to produce certain tones, practice until you have gotten them right. Whenever you learn a new Chinese character or word, make sure you know the tones that go with it.

Please note when you speak Chinese, if you get everything else right but the tones wrong, Chinese people will not understand what you are saying. Tones are a fundamental part of the Chinese language besides non-tonal phonemic elements (sounds). This is a little hard for a speaker of a non-tonal language. However, If you want to learn Chinese well, you must focus on tones first.

If you wish to speak Chinese with proper tones, we highly recommend that you use an audio-based program and focus your efforts on reproducing the sounds that you hear. Kids Chinese Podcast Pinyin Course and Level-1 Chinese lessons are great options.

2. Start with Daily Chinese and Focus on Learning Phrases rather than Memorizing Vocabulary Lists

Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast help you building vocabulary by learning phrases that contain vocabulary and make your communication understood by context. Chinese, like other languages, has many words that have the same or similar meaning but are used in particular contexts. Therefore, you will find it more efficient to learn vocabulary "in context", meaning in phrases where the vocabulary is used.

Level 1-4 Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese podcast focus on daily conversational Chinese. You can use what you learned in your everyday life.

3. Learn Sentence Order by Practicing Speaking

For many Chinese learners, Chinese vocabulary looks difficult, however, Chinese grammar is much simpler than many other languages. You will advance more quickly by absorbing a "feeling" for grammatical structure through practice and exposure, rather than intellectual understanding of the grammar rules. It is more effective to learn how to speak Chinese in the manner that a child learns to speak, by listening and repeating what you hear over and over again.

4. Learn by Context

If “fruit,” then “apple.” If “snow,” then “cold.” Our brain recalls information by generating connections. This is a much more effective way than you try to memorize Chinese characters one by one. You can learn much more faster by studying short sentences. In fact this is the way kids learn a language. In addition, like many other languages, Chinese characters change meaning depending on the context.

5. Track your Learning Results

In order to achieve any long term objective, you'd better to set measurable short term goals. For example, your weekly measurable goal might be to complete a lesson of Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese course per week, and to talk in Chinese as often as you can.

6. Find the Way that Works Best for you

Different people learn more effectively with different methods. Exposing yourself to multiple Chinese programs and a variety of Chinese voices will help to accelerate your learning efforts.

In general, to really learn Chinese fast, you'll want to find programs that provide a good amount of high quality material and you can stick with, because persistence is the key to master Chinese just like any other languages.

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