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Qigong,气功, is one of the traditional Chinese exercises,传统的中国运动, and healing techniques,自愈方法. It is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine,中医, and Chinese Martial Art. Chinese medical physicians use it to prevent and help to cure illness; and martial art learners practice it for increasing strength and self-defense. Qigong, 气功, is a Psychosomatic practicing skill that adjusts and unify body, breathing and mind.

The traditional Chinese medicine community uses qigong for preventive and curative functions. Qigong treatment is also used extensively in China as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been included in the curriculum of Chinese Medical Schools in universities. From a Western Medical stand point, qigong is an accepted treatment option in the fields of complementary and alternative medicine.

What is Health Qigong, 健康气功?

Health Qigong, 健康气功, is the practice of controlling qi, vital force that sustains life to improve health. Health Qigong works by improving the practitioners’ immunity response, increasing their self-healing and self-recovery capabilities and enhancing their self-regeneration potential. Health Qigong treatment has been used extensively in China for its preventive and curative properties to help preventing and overcoming illnesses. It is considered to be effective in improving the effects of many chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, allergy, asthma, arthritis, degenerative disk disease, cancer, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and addiction.

Health Qigong, 健康气功, includes physical exercises with controled breathing to lead the Qi energy to flow in the body following the acupuncture channels to balance the body functions and to improve the mental and physical wellness. Health Qigong uses very simple and practical self-healing techniques.

Major Qigong Therapy, 气功治疗

The most popular qigong therapies are:

  • General health maintenance
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Stress management
  • Bone density and balance
  • Cancer treatment
  • Arthritis
  • Back pains

Health Qigong, 健康气功, is Psychological practicing skills that unify body, breath and mind. The first step is to adjust posture and movement, the second step is to control breathing and the third step is to concentrate. Health Qigong is proven to improve general health of those who practice it regularly. In many cases practitioners can recover from chronic conditions by self healing. Health Qigong is very popular to be used for fitness purpose as well. There are millions of people practicing Health Qigong every day worldwide.

Qigong, 气功, masters and researchers worldwide are joining forces to develop a standardized form of Health Qigong, to make the practice more accessible to beginners and to encourage the growth of qigong. Check out more about Qigong for Health - a collection of the best Qigong books for your reference.

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