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Kids Chinese Podcast: Newsletter No.14

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How to say "Happy New Year" in Chinese?

新年(xīnnián):n. New Year

快乐 (kuàilè):adj. happy

Happy New Year!
新年快乐!(xīnnián kuàilè )

Origin of "New Year's Day" in China

The first day of New Year is called "元旦(yuándàn)" in Chinese. In ancient times, "元旦(yuándàn)" was the "农历(nónglì) lunar calendar" new year, now called "春节(chūnjié) Spring Festival or Chinese New Year".

In 1949, The People Republic of China started to use western calendar. 
In order to differentiate the "农历(nónglì), lunar calendar" and the "阳历(yánglì), 
Gregorian calendar or western calendar", the lunar new year was renamed 
as "春节(chūnjié), Spring Festival or Chinese New Year" and Gregorian January 1st 
was named "元旦(yuándàn), New Year's Day." "元旦(yuándàn), New Year's Day" is 
a "法定节日(fǎdìng jiérì), statutory holiday" in China. During this festival, 
people wish each other good luck in the New Year and send each other 
New Year's cards.


In 2012, Kids Chinese Podcast will continue helping you learn Chinese and achieve better learning results. We continue having more Level-2 Chinese lessons and plan to start Level-3 Chinese lessons from the fall of 2012. Hope you join us and enjoy your learning Chinese journey!

What's you New Year's goal? What's your New Years' goal on your Chinese?

“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.“
-- Winston Churchill quotes

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Happy New Year!
新年快乐!(xīnnián kuàilè ) 

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