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Learn Mandarin Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken language in the world. What motivate you to learn the Chinese language? You may want to learn Chinese to study or work in China, or talk with your Chinese friends and coworkers. You may want to learn Chinese to travel to China. Or you may be just interested in Chinese language and culture. No matter what motivates you to learn Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast is a great start for you to learn Chinese in a fun and practical way and achieve the best learning results.

The Learning Approach with Kids Chinese Podcast

Mandarin Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast offer you an Immersion Experience

We all learn a new language best when we are immersed in the language environment. You will have the feeling of immersion as you follow the journey of Amy on her grow-up with Chinese journey. Dr. Aihua, the Chinese native speaker teacher will guide you along your journey to learning Chinese. You'll also learn about interesting Chinese culture along the way. With the help of the Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast you'll soon speak Chinese, read Chinese and write Chinese!

Learn Chinese through real life scenarios

From the very beginning, Level 1 Chinese lessons, Kids Chinese Podcast help you learn what you want to know in order to start communication in Chinese. Each lesson is focused on a real life scenario, so you can practice and use what you learned in your daily life.

Learn Chinese start with Pinyin

Pinyin is expressed in the letters of the English alphabet, and it is used for Chinese pronunciation. Like learning any other languages, good pronunciation is the key for Chinese listening and speaking. Children in China start their formal education with Pinyin. Kids Chinese Podcast suggest you learn Pinyin first and then use Pinyin to learn Chinese characters, phrases to improve your vocabulary. By learning Pinyin first, you can focus your efforts on listening to and speaking Chinese from the beginning. You will be surprised at how soon you can speak, read and write Chinese!

The tones in Chinese

In English, we can use the tone of our voice to change the meaning of a sentence. For example, "You're going to school." is a simple statement of fact. By raising your tone and saying "You're going to school?", you are changing the sentence into a question. Chinese has 4 tones and toneless tone. Usually, for a Pinyin, if the tone changes, the meaning of the Chinese character or Chinese word represented changes as well. The 4 tones are shown in Pinyin by using one of the 4 tone marks over a vowel. To learn more about Pinyin, please refer to Pinyin Course.

Free Mandarin Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast

The first 3 lessons at each level and accompanying printable exercise worksheet, online exercises and quizzes are entirely free for you to start learning Chinese. You can enjoy a fun and easy way to learn Mandarin Chinese. Each of the Chinese lessons has a Podcast/MP3 audio lesson along with fun and practical exercises and quizzes for you to practice and master what you have learned. The vocabulary dictionary serves as a very useful reference for the new Chinese characters, words and phrases learned in each lesson.

So far Mandarin Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast have three levels.

Level 1: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Day of A kindergartner
Total: 63 Chinese lessons at Level 1 for newbies

Level 2: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Week of A First Grader
Total: 47 Chinese lessons at Level 2 for beginners

Level 3: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Month of A Second Grader
Total: 50 Chinese lessons at Level 3 for beginners

Each Mandarin lesson has easy-to-follow practical dialogues. Each sentence in the dialog is written in Chinese characters, pinyin and English. Audio is available for each sentence of the dialogs. You will also find grammar and usage notes at the bottom of most dialogues. You can download the audio podcast by iTunes and the pdf podcast transcript and Chinese worksheet from website. The Mandarin Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are always updated, so make sure you always come to to see what's new.

For the free Mandarin Lessons, no sign up required. You can access any of the lessons and exercises anytime! Fun and easy to follow! Start your learning Chinese journey with Kids Chinese Podcast now!

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