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I love summer, one of the reasons is that I can eat various fruits. In Lesson 94: Fruit, we have learned how to say nine different common fruits in Chinese. Do you remember the Chinese names of these fruits?
The nine fruits are banana, 香蕉 (xiāng jiāo); apple, 苹果 (píng guǒ); pear, 梨子 (lí zi)tangerine, 橘子 (jú zi)orange, 橙子 (chéng zi); strawberry, 草莓 (cǎo méi); cherry, 樱桃 (yīng táo) ;watermelon, 西瓜 (xī guā) ; grape, 葡萄 (pú tao) .
How to say "I like fruit." in Chinese?
我喜欢水果 (wǒ xǐ huān shuǐ guǒ)。
How to say "I like watermelon ." in Chinese?
我喜欢西瓜 (wǒ xǐ huān xī guā)。

How to say "I like watermelon most." in Chinese?

我最喜欢西瓜 (wǒ zuì xǐ huān xī guā)。

What's your favorite fruit?
你最喜欢的水果是什么?( nǐ  zuì  xǐ huan de shuǐ guǒshì shén me)
My favorite fuit is watermelon.
我最喜欢的水果是西瓜。(wǒ  zuì  xǐ huan de shuǐ guǒshì xī guā )
Is strawberry your favoriate fruit?
你最喜欢的水果是草莓吗?(nǐ  zuì  xǐ huan de shuǐ guǒshì cǎo méi ma)
Yes. My favoriate fruit is strawberry.
是的。我最喜欢的水果是草莓。(shì  de wǒ  zuì  xǐ huan de shuǐ guǒ shì cǎo méi )

No. My favoriate fruit is cherry.
不是。我最喜欢的水果是樱桃。(bú shì wǒ  zuì  xǐ huan de shuǐ guǒ shì yīng táo)

How to say
1. I like orange.
2. My favorite fruit is apple.
3. Is your favorite fruit banana?

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