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Many Chinese learners want to find an easy way to learn Chinese. Is there really an easy way to learn Chinese? Is the easy way for my friend to learn Chinese is also easy for me? If you are interested in finding the answers to this two questions, please read on.

Learn Chinese by your learning style

There are a lot of education research on Learning Styles, which are a way to help you improve your efficiency of learning. By understanding your own personal learning styles, you can adjust your learning process and techniques accordingly. Therefore, if you understand your learning styles, you can find an efficient way to learn a new language, like Chinese.

What is the best way to learn Chinese for you? The answer to the question of the best way to learn Chinese could be different. It depends on your learning style. Some people learn Chinese and achieve the best results by hearing and seeing. Some people get better learning results when they learn Chinese with a group, while others learn better individually. Each person has their own learning style, by utilizing your own learning style, you can find the best way for you to learn Chinese efficiently and effectively. An ideal Chinese learning program should use a variety techniques that will support all the learning styles.


If you prefer to use the visual style, you like using images, pictures, graphs, and maps to organize information and communicate with others. You also can easily visualize objects, plans and outcomes.

If you are a visual learner, use images, pictures, color and other visual media to help you learn Chinese. Use Chinese flash cards, picture books and video to learn Chinese.


If you prefer to use the auditory style, you like using sound and music.

If you are an auditory learner, use sound, rhyme, and music in your learning. Focus on using aural content in learning Chinese. Therefore, Chinese podcast, audio lessons are some of the best ways to help you learn Chinese.


The verbal learning style involves in both the written and spoken word. If you like this style, you find it easy to express yourself, both in writing and verbally. You love reading and writing. You regularly make an effort to find the meaning of new words.

If you are a verbal learner, you like speaking and writing Chinese. Find ways to incorporate more speaking and writing when you learn Chinese.


Physical learning style involves in movement. If you like to use your body and sense of touch to learn about the world around you, and or you like sports and exercise, and other physical activities, you might be a physical learner. You like to think about issues, ideas and problems while you exercise. You would rather go for a run or walk if something is bothering you, rather than sitting at home.

If you use a physical style, use touch, action, movement and hands-on work in your learning activities. Flashcards can help you memorize Chinese because you can touch and move them around. Listen to Chinese podcast or Chinese audio programs while you are doing physical exercises is another great way for you to learn Chinese.


The logical learning style is thought to use your brain for logical and mathematical reasoning. If you a logical learner, you can recognize patterns easily, as well as connections between seemingly meaningless content. This also leads you to classify and group information to help you learn or understand it.

You typically work through problems and issues in a systematic way, and you like to create procedures for future use. You are happy setting numerical targets and budgets, and you track your progress towards these. You like creating agendas, itineraries, and to-do lists, and you typically number and rank them before putting them into action.

If you are a logical learner, aim to understand the reasons behind your Chinese content and skills. Do not just learn. Understanding more detail behind your compulsory Chinese content helps you memorize and learn the material that you need to know. Explore the links between various systems, and note them down.

Also remember that association often works well when it is illogical and irrational. It does not matter how logical two items are together. You have a better chance of recalling them later if you have make the association illogical.

Make use of "systems thinking" to help understand the links between various parts of a system. An important point here is that systems thinking helps you understand the bigger picture. Often the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Systems diagrams can help you gain that understanding when you learn Chinese.


If you have a strong social style, you communicate well with people, both verbally and non-verbally. People listen to you or come to you for advice, and you are sensitive to their motivations, feelings or moods. You listen well and understand other's views. You may enjoy mentoring or counseling others.

You typically prefer learning in groups or classes, or you like to spend much one-on-one time with a teacher or an instructor. You heighten your learning by bouncing your thoughts off other people and listening to how they respond. You prefer to work through issues, ideas and problems with a group. You thoroughly enjoy working with a synergistic group of people.

If you are a social learner, aim to work with others as much as possible when you learn Chinese. Try to study with a Chinese class. If this is not available then consider forming your own Chinese study group with others at a similar level. Role-playing is a technique that works well with others, whether it is one on one or with a group of people. For example, you might do role-play with one person being the Chinese instructor and the other being the student.


If you have a solitary style, you are more private, introspective and independent. You can concentrate well, focusing your thoughts and feelings on your current topic. You are aware of your own thinking, and you may analyze the different ways you think and feel.

You like to spend time alone. You spend time on self-analysis, and often reflect on past events and the way you approached them. You take time to ponder and assess your own accomplishments or challenges. You may keep a journal, diary or personal log to record your personal thoughts and events. You like to make plans and set goals. You know your direction in life and work. You prefer to work for yourself, or have thought a lot about it. If you do not know your current direction in life, you feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction.
When you start learning Chinese, it is better for you to set your learning goals and plans.

Please remember that all of these different learning styles play an important role on your learning. Even if you are not a aural learner, you still can reinforce it using another learning style that matches better for you. For example, if we were doing a Chinese listening exercise, you can make notes while listening. You can also talk Chinese with your friends, drawing the relationship between the Chinese words in a graph using your logical thinking. And finally, you can listen to Chinese podcast frequently while you are doing physical exercises.

Know your learning style because it helps you learn Chinese more efficiently and effectively. Also, please remember that reviewing already studied material over and over again is far more effective in building fluency.

Is there really an easy way to learn Chinese for you?

Yes. I think so. There are many ways to proceed on learning Chinese and no single method will fit all. So the easy way for your friend to learn Chinese may not be easy for you. You may do better by seeing the picture representing a word or, like me I must see the written word or I will not be able to remember the word. Of course you can combine different methods.

The easy way for you to learn Chinese is the way you can learn efficiently, effectively and you can stick with. Check the free Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast to see whether you like it.

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