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We have learned some easy Chinese characters in Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast. All the easy Chinese Characters are used very often in our daily life. To help you practice these easy Chinese characters, let's do some English to Chinese translation exercises.

1. This article was written by xu-ying, she has been making a lot of contribution here by giving her comments as well.

2. Because of the efforts of the older generation, we have a better life today.

3. Great! Admirable!

4. Learning is the first element of life; experience and knowledge accumulated by one generation are passed to the next generation, creating better living conditions. However, it is inevitable that human being have to start learning from beginning after they were born. If the experienced parents can guide and inspire kids, teach them while playing, the kids will love to learn.

5. Let the children turn study into a habit like daily drinking and eating, which would make him a self-starter.

6. A mother plays a key role in family education.

7. I really admire this kind of people who have been continuously fighting and making a good progress.

8. Because many successful people have mentors to guide them, they can make detours less. Parents and grandparents are children’s lifelong teacher, and act as an important role for children’s healthy growth!

How are you doing with these English to Chinese translation exercises?

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