If you like Kids Chinese Podcast, I encourage you contribute to Kids Chinese Podcast to help making it better.

Kids Chinese Podcast was born in October, 2010 with the goal to help more people around the world learn Chinese in a practical and systematic way. The goal of Kids Chinese Podcast is to provide the best Chinese learning program at affordable price. We position Kids Chinese Podcast as a non-profit online Chinese school. By now, Kids Chinese Podcast has members and listeners from 166 countries and territories around the world. We have received a lot of comments, suggestions and praises.

Kids Chinese Podcast offers a Chinese learning program designed to help you to study Mandarin Chinese in a practical, effective and enjoyable way. The features of the program have been improving based on the feedback and feature requests from the Kids Chinese Podcast community. We will continue to do our best to improve Kids Chinese Podcast.

I have been contributing Kids Chinese Podcast since 2010 by using my savings to provide the start-up funding and on-going expenses. I also have worked countless hours at nights, weekends and holidays to improve Kids Chinese Podcast. Even little Amy is a good helper. In order to create a high quality audio Chinese lesson, Amy and I have to record several times. I am really proud of Amy, because she is so cooperated and persistent.

Each person has strengths and weaknesses. For Kids Chinese Podcast, one of my strengths is I am good at teaching. Another one is I am also a native Chinese speaker who can speak Mandarin Chinese pretty well with good education. I do my best to create high quality contents on Chinese language and culture, and achieve best teaching results by teaching complex stuff using easy understood way. 

May I ask for your assistance to help Kids Chinese Podcast, so we can have more strengths to improve Kids Chinese Podcast?

How can you help?

1. Donate your money if you can by clicking the following "donate" button.

2. Contribute your time/knowledge/skills

1) For each Chinese lesson, ask related questions, join the discussions, and answer the questions if you can.
2) Recommend Kids Chinese Podcast to your family, friends, anyone who you can reach by mouth, emails, social media or other online and/or offline ways. Our Affiliate program pays a 50% commission on all purchases that you refer.
3) If you have the skills like SEO and/or social media marketing or online/offline marketing, please contact me so we can work together to bring more visitors to Kids Chinese Podcast.
4) If you are a Chinese teacher, you can contact me so we can work together to improve the teaching contents and/or share teaching ideas and methods.
5) If you are a computer professional, you can contact me and help Kids Chinese Podcast implement and improve our learning platform/environment.

Let's work together to make Kids Chinese Podcast better and help more people who want to learn Chinese!

Please accept our deepest appreciation for your very generosity and for being a part of Kids Chinese Podcast community!

2 Responses to “Contribute”

  1. Jared Bernstein

    I really like the progression in this course. Sad to say, but I have lived in Shanghai for just over two years. While I have learned enough Chinese to get by, I never actually learned it in a structured setting.
    I will be marrying a Shanghainese woman this year and her mother really wants me to learn better Chinese.
    I have tried other podcasts, but none are progressive.
    Oh, and Aihua, if you want to gain more exposure for this great podcast, think about getting this on Udemy. They have some Chinese course, but none as good as this one.

    • aihua


      Hi Jared,

      I’m very glad to hear you will be marrying a Shanghainese woman this year.
      Communication is the key to have a happy marriage, especially, two family with different culture involved.

      Thank you very much for your comment and advice on Udemy.


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