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Kids Chinese Podcast: Newsletter No.11

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Congratulations! We have completed the Level 1 Chinese lessons. At Leve 1, we have had 52 lessons and 11 review lessons. We have learned pinyin, the basic Chinese characters, words, phrases and sentences that are used in a common day of a kindergartener.

We hope you enjoyed the level 1 Chinese lessons of Kids Chinese Podcast. We are starting to have Leve 2 Chinese lessons from Lesson 53: Chinese Greetings. At level 2 Chinese lessons, we are going to learn more Chinese characters, words, phrases and sentences by learning the dialogs covering some topics in a week of a first grader.

Since October, 2010, Amy has been learning Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lessons. I’m really happy that she has made a lot of progress. About one year ago, Amy could not say any Chinese. Now, she can read all the Chinese pinyin and can have simple Chinese daily conversations. In addition, Amy can read and write some Chinese characters and sentences. I am sure Amy will make even more progress with Kids Chinese Podcast Level 2 lessons.

Hope you enjoy learning Chinese with us at level 2 Chinese lessons. If you have any question or suggestion, you can comment each lesson at, or use our contact form at Contact Us. You also can send an email to me directly at

Congratulations on Starting Level 2 Chinese Lessons! I am sure you are making more progress on your Chinese study!

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