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Kids Chinese Podcast: Newsletter No.12

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Pinyin is essential and the most fundamental part for all serious Chinese learners. If you are learning Chinese, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student, you shall be aware of paramount importance of Pinyin. Have You Completed Pinyin Course yet?

We belive that the most difficult part to master Chinese language is the four tones of pinyin and Chinese characters. However, the grammar is much easier compared to English language. If you are a Chinese beginner, you must learn Pinyin first. If you are an advanced Chinese learner, you must master Chinese pinyin.

If you master Pinyin, you can express yourself more clearly in Chinese; it can also help you in archiving better listening comprehension. Before learning how to read, write, or pronounce Chinese characters, you must first learn pinyin.

What is Pinyin?

Hanyu Pinyin or Chinese Pinyin is also called Pinyin or Pin Yin. It literally means “spelled sound”, phonetics. Pin means “spelling” and Yin means “sound”. Pinyin is a system of phonemic notation and transcription to Roman script for Mandarin Chinese language.

How to Learn Pinyin

In order to help you learn and master pinyin, here are some tips for you to refer to.

1. Chinese pronunciation is not related to the writing of Chinese characters, because Chinese is not a phonetic language.
2. Pinyin is a way to use Roman letters to represent the pronunciation of the Chinese characters.
3. Pinyin does not represent English pronunciation and should not be pronounced according to English conventions. When you learn Pinyin phonetic conventions, please bear in mind that many sounds have no equivalents in English.
4. There are many homonyms in mandarin Chinese. Pinyin can be ambiguous, especially when transcribing Standard Written Chinese, which uses formal constructions not often found in speech. However, this should not be an issue in the transcription of normal spoken Mandarin conversation since speakers would not use such ambiguous constructions in speech.
5. One more important note on Pinyin is that each syllable represents one character, because each character in Chinese has only one syllable.
6. Since Pinyin only show the sounds of Mandarin Chinese, it is unsuitable for use for speakers of some other Chinese spoken dialects, because the sounds do not correspond to their speech.

Pinyin is the foundation of Chinese. If you develop a bad pronunciation habit, it will be very difficult to make a correction. I recommend you take the pinyin lessons before you start Level 2 Chinese lessons.

If you already mastered Pinyin, Congratulations! Hope you enjoy learning Chinese with us at level 2 Chinese lessons. If you have any question or suggestion, you can comment each lesson at, or use our contact form at Contact Us. You also can send an email to me directly at

Hang in there; I am sure you are making progress on your Chinese study!

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