Printable PDF Chinese worksheet provides exercises for the MP3 audio Chinese lessons. Using the worksheet, you can practice reading and writing pinyin, Chinese characters, words, and daily conversation sentences. The correct answers to the questions in the worksheet can be found at the end of the next lesson. Gradually, reading comprehension is added with the lesson advancing. We also designed self test questions and answers in PDF worksheet format.

Key features include:
1. To learn a Chinese character, you can refer to Word Dictionary and Stroke Order in each Chinese lesson.

2. Generate character writing worksheets with English definitions and Pinyin in PDF format for offline handwriting practice. With one mouse click, you can generate beautiful worksheets for all the Chinese characters learned at the lesson at a time instantly. It is great for Chinese language teachers and parents to create Mandarin teaching and learning materials.

3. Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast offer high quality, carefully-designed dialogs that demonstrate the typical sentence patterns and the usage of common characters and words. The example sentences are created, one by one, by our tri-lingual Mandarin Chinese teacher, not generated by machines.

Just like any student needs to do exercise in order to master one subject. Chinese Worksheet is a must for you pass the self test at each level and achieve mastering Chinese learning goals!

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Level 1: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Day of A kindergartner

Total: 63 Chinese lessons at Level 1 for newbies

Level 2: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Week of A First Grader

Total: 47 Chinese lessons at Level 2 for beginners

Level 3: Learn Conversational Chinese by the following Chinese Lessons on A Month of A Second Grader

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