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Review 5: Review of Lesson 19 ~ 25

Review Lesson 19 to Lesson 25, talking about having a class. In addition, we review the Pinyin we learned, and learn some new words and phrases using in dialog practice we are going to have in Mandarin Chinese.

Today, we are going to review what we learned from Lesson 19 to Lesson 25. In the seven lessons, we were talking about school, focusing on having a class.

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5 Responses to “Review 5: Review of Lesson 19 ~ 25”

  1. Barbara Hughes

    This transcript format will be updated soon like Lesson 1. Please tell me where I can find the updated lessons for all of the review lessons. They all say they are going to be updated like lesson 1. Have they all been updated and I’m looking at the updates? I am thoroughly enjoying the way all the lessons are presented,

    • aihua


      Hi Barbara,

      Thank you so much for your kind “push”.

      Our technical team came out the plan:
      Review 4: available 4/12
      Review 5: available 4/13
      Review 6: available 4/14
      Review 7: available 4/15
      Review 8: available 4/16
      Review 9: available 4/17
      Review 10: available 4/18
      Review 11: available 4/19

      Review 1-3 are already available.

      Thank you very much for your kind reminder! In these multitask super busy days, “kind push” really helps everybody to achieve.

      • aihua


        Hi Barbara,

        Just let you know that all the level-1 Chinese lessons have been updated!

        Thank you very much!

        Hope you enjoy the Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast!

  2. David Rappo


    Are there two different ways to say: we/us?

    In today’s lesson, the pin yin for “we” is given as: wo(3) men

    Later in the lesson, the pin yin for “us” is given as: wo(3) me(2)n. men now has rising tone.



    • aihua


      Hi David,

      Very sorry for the mistake. The correct one should be
      我们(wǒ men).

      “我(wǒ)” means “I or me”.

      “们(men)” is used to show the plural form for pronouns, and nouns referring to individuals.
      For example,我们(wǒ men), we/us;你们(nǐ men),you;他们( tāmen), they/them.


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