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Review 4: Review of Lesson 16 ~ 18

Review Lesson 16 to Lesson 18, talking about going school. In addition, we review the Pinyin, and learn some new words and phrases using in dialog practice we are going to have in Mandarin Chinese.

Today, we are going to review what we learned from Lesson 16 ~ Lesson 18. In the three lessons, we were talking about going to school.

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2 Responses to “Review 4: Review of Lesson 16 ~ 18”

  1. Amirah Aisyah

    Hi, Aihua.
    Sorry for asking too many questions.
    I think there’s character missing in review lesson 17.
    我上学去了。 (wǒ yào shàng xué qù le)
    The you character is missing (if i’m not mistaken)
    Thank you

    • aihua


      Hi Amirah,

      Yes. You are right. The character “要(yào)” is missing. I updated the sentence.

      Thank you very much!


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