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Review 3: Review of Lesson 8 ~ 15

Review Lesson 8 to Lesson 15, covering how to say having breakfast, having lunch, having dinner and having snack. In addition, review all the Pinyin including initials and finals learned from Lesson 1 to Lesson 15, and learn some new words and phrases using in dialog practice we are going to have in Mandarin Chinese.

Today, we are going to review what we learned from Lesson 8 ~ Lesson 15. In the eight lessons, we were talking about eating.

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Tone Drill

Listen to the audio first, and then repeat.

  • bā bá bǎ bà
  • Play
  • pā pá pǎ pà
  • Play
  • mā má mǎ mà
  • Play
  • fā fá fǎ fà
  • Play
  • dā dá dǎ dà
  • Play
  • tā tá tǎ tà
  • Play
  • nā ná nǎ nà
  • Play
  • lā lá lǎ là
  • Play

7 Responses to “Review 3: Review of Lesson 8 ~ 15”

  1. Zarah and Lanie

    hi, ai hua, may I request for flashcards in pdf (back to back), so we can easily print, cut and laminate it? appreciate your assistance on this..the worksheets are good, but for kids it is quite hard for them to do worksheets everyday, so for every lesson completed I just ask my daughter to complete the matching exercise but not the worksheets yet (we will go back to it once we have finished level 2)… for now, I will just create my own flashcards, while waiting for your flashcards…

    • aihua


      Hi Zarah and Lanie,

      We will work on flashcards soon. Thank you very much for your feedback!

  2. aihua


    Hi som,
    You can download the PDF script from the upper-right corner of the lesson, if you are a Kids Chinese Podcast member.

  3. Amirah Aisyah

    Hi Aihua,
    nǐ jīn tiān chī shén me diǎn xīn le
    nǐ jīn tiān diǎn xīn chī shén me le
    are both sentences correct?

  4. Gabriel Jabbour

    Hello Aihua,
    I can’t seem to download the PDF Word Info for this lesson. May you please take a look at it? Thank you.


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