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Lesson 8: Having Breakfast (I)

Learn how to say "having breakfast, eat bread, etc". Also continue learning Pinyin, and learn some words and phrases related to "having breakfast" in Mandarin Chinese.

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6 Responses to “Lesson 8: Having Breakfast (I)”

  1. Josephine Gallares

    I have a question. In the practice dialogue, Mama says: zao fan hao le, and it says in English, “breakfast is ready”… does “hao le” mean ready? When do you add “le”?

    • aihua


      Hi Josephine,

      Good question. Thank you!

      “好(hǎo)” means “good”, “了(le)” is particle to show past tense.

      “To cook breakfast” is “做早饭(zuò zǎo fàn)” in Chinese

      “早饭好了(zǎo fàn hǎo le)” is a short for “早饭做好了(zǎo fàn zuò hǎo le)”, which means “Breakfast is ready.”

      Usually, we add “了(le)” after a verb to show past tense in Chinese.

  2. Aurora Fort

    In the dialogue practice Amy says “wo chi zao fan”. If I said ” ni chi zao fan” would that mean you will eat breakfast?

    • aihua


      Hi Aurora,

      “Will you eat breakfast? or You will eat breakfast?” in Chinese should be “你吃早饭吗?(nǐ chī zǎo fàn ma)”

      “你吃早饭(nǐ chī zǎo fàn)。” means “You eat breakfast.”

      You can add “吗(ma)?” in the end of a statement to make a question.

  3. Amirah Aisyah

    Hello, brush your hair is shu tou but hair itself is tou fa. And another one, from the comments above, zao fan and zao fa. What is that so. Im quite confused. Do we need to just remember or there’s any rule apply in the sentence.

  4. aihua


    Hi Amirah,

    Yes. You are right.
    “Hair” is “头发(tóu fa)”. In Daily Chinese, we say “梳头(shū tóu) more often than ” “梳头发(shū tóu fa)”. “梳头(shū tóu)” is a short for “梳头发(shū tóu fa)”.

    I am very sorry that is a typo. The correct one should be “zǎo fàn”. I corrected it just now. Thank you for letting me know that!


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