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Lesson 6: Getting Up (II)

Learn how to say "to put on your socks, put on your shoes, etc" related to what you usually do after you getting up in the morning. Also continue learning Pinyin, and learn more words and phrases related to "getting up" in Mandarin Chinese.

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4 Responses to “Lesson 6: Getting Up (II)”

  1. Zarah and Lanie

    we just finished Lesson6.. here is our practice session using dolls..

    please also open our youtube channel to see how zarah taught her cousin how to introduce herself and also how to say “how old are you?”

    • aihua


      Hi Frank,

      Our web host updated the server platform, so Kids Chinese Podcast needs to be updated accordingly. Our technical team is working on this issue.

      Please give us a little time. I will let you know after the problem is fixed.

      I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.


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