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Lesson 52: A Day Of A Kindergartner

Congratulations! We are reaching the end of the Level 1 Chinese lessons. Today's lesson is the last lesson at Level 1. At Leve 1, we have had 51 lessons and 11 review lessons. We have learned pinyin, the basic Chinese characters, words, phrases and sentences that are used in a common day of a kindergartener.

We hope you enjoyed the level 1 lessons of Kids Chinese Podcast. We are going to have Leve 2 Chinese lessons from next lesson. At level 2 Chinese lessons, we are going to learn more Chinese characters, words, phrases and sentences by learning the dialogs covering some topics in a week of a first grader, Amy.

Since October, 2010, Amy has been learning Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lessons. I'm really happy that she has made a lot of progress. About one year ago, Amy could not say any Chinese. Now, she can read all the Chinese pinyin and can have simple Chinese daily conversations. In addition, Amy can read and write some Chinese characters and sentences. I am sure Amy will make even more progress with Kids Chinese Podcast Level 2 lessons.

Please join our Level 2 Chinese lessons at!

In this lesson, we are going to have several dialogs covering the topics we have learned so far. Please listen to the dialogs carefully and try to understand it.

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