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Lesson 5: Getting Up (I)

Learn how to say "getting up, getting dressed, etc" related to what you usually do after you woke up in the morning. Also continue learning Pinyin, and learn some words and phrases related to "getting up" in Mandarin Chinese.

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8 Responses to “Lesson 5: Getting Up (I)”

    • aihua


      Hi Elena,

      Welcome to Chinese Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast!

      And thank you for joining us!


  1. Sandra

    Too bad you need a creditcard for every of the payment methods. Finally something that actually helped me learn some Chinese

    • aihua


      Hi Sandra,

      The online payment methods need a credit card. However, if you choose to mail us your check or money order, you do not need a credit card to make the payment.

  2. luzanne phan

    Hi Aihua,
    I am so glad to find your system of teaching chinese to my boys.
    Is there a way to put the lesson and flash card files on a single download webpage so we can easily access and print them out? For now we have to go into every lesson page, search for the files, then download them. As busy parents, we usually like to print the flash cards and lesson worksheets for say 10 – 20 lessons at a go, so a dedicated download page would really help.


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