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Lesson 134: Asking for Directions

In this Chinese lesson, we are going to learn some Chinese words and phrases related to "Asking for Directions".

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3 Responses to “Lesson 134: Asking for Directions”

  1. Helene Yiphoiyen

    Hi Aihua, I cannot download the transcript for lesson 134. I cannot download any pdf files. What has changed. Thanks.

    • aihua


      Hi Helene,

      I just tested it and could download the PDF transcript of Lesson 134 without any problem.

      Please refer to the following instruction:

      How to download PDF files (Worksheet and Transcript) from

      Here are the steps to download PDF files(Worksheet and Transcript).

      (1) Download Adobe Reader at, click “Download now” button.
      To download Adobe Reader X Font Packs – Chinese Simplified, go to and click “Proceed to Download” button.
      If you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader, the Chinese font should be downloaded automatically.

      (2) login using your username or email and password located on the upper right hand corner of website.

      (3) Click a title of a lesson(e.g., Lesson 30: Numbers (II)).

      (4) Click “Download PDF Transcript ” icon at right upper corner of the lesson

      If you still have the problem, could you please tell me what error you got after clicking the “Download PDF Transcript ” icon at right upper corner of the lesson? So that we can help you troubleshooting the issue.


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