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Flash cards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition. By some Kids Chinese Podcast members' request, Kids Chinese Podcast added a new feature, PDF downloadable and printable Chinese Flash Cards to help you learn Chinese.

For each Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lesson, the Chinese Flash Cards provide you with Chinese language displays of Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English!

Chinese flash cards are a very useful tool for you learning Chinese characters. The controlled repetition allows you to gradually increase your Chinese vocabulary while reinforcing previously learned Chinese characters.

Online Chinese Flash Cards

In "Word Dictionary and Stroke Order" section of each Kids Chinese Podcast lesson, you can click each Chinese character learned, it shows you the Chinese character, pinyin, and matching English words and stroke order to help you read and write the Chinese character. If you use a portable device, such as your smart phone, this feature will be very convenient.

Printable Chinese Flash Cards

If you prefer, you can download and print the PDF Chinese Flash Cards, also in "Word Dictionary and Stroke Order" section of each Kids Chinese Podcast lesson, make your portable printed flashcards.

Two-sided Chinese Flash cards

You can make the printed, physical flash cards two-sided. In order to learn Chinese you wish to correctly produce the opposite side on being presented with either side. The two-sided printed Chinese flash cards can be very simple for you to memorize the Chinese characters.


An example, for learning the Chinese word 人 (rén, person):

Front: 人
back: rén, person

How to Use Chinese Flash Cards

Chinese Flash cards exercise your mental process of active recall: given a prompt (the question), you produce the answer. How do you use the cards? In particular, how frequently do you review and how do you react to errors, either complete failures to recall or mistakes? I think the main principle is spaced repetition – increasing the review interval whenever a card is recalled correctly.

Hope the Chinese Flash Cards can help you learn more new Chinese characters and improve your Chinese more efficiently and effectively.

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