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Kids Chinese Podcast: Newsletter No.13

Dear subscribers,

Welcome to Chinese Lessons at!

Thank you very much for your continue support!

Time is flying. How are you doing? I hope all of you are doing well.

Christmas and New Year is coming! It’s time to thanks! Thank you for your support and help!

It’s also a time to thanks to ourselves for our hardworking and celebrate what we have achieved this year!

I'm sure you have made a lot of progress on your Chinese study!

In 2011, I am so happy that Kids Chinese Podcast community has been growing gradually and steadily. We have received a lot of questions and request. I hope you are happy with my answers and suggestions. I would like to say special thanks to you who have written reviews on iTune or at Thank you so much for your encouragement!

In 2011, we have learned all of Chinese Pinyin, finished Level-1 lessons and started Level-2 Chinese Lessons. I recommend you take the pinyin course and pinyin test, which I designed as a crash course for reviewing Pinyin before you start Level 2 Chinese lessons.

Like learning any new skills, learning Chinese takes time and effort. To master Chinese needs persistence. The good news is that we will have the excitement and the great feeling of fulfillment after we learned new things, right? I hope Kids Chinese Podcast can motivate you and give you a good guidance in your learning Chinese journey!

I still remember Amy's happy face when she was saying, "The dialog is so fun!" when we were starting recording level-2 lessons. Currently, we are adding a new Chinese lesson weekly and hope you can follow us with ease.

If you have any question or suggestion, I'd love to hear from you! You can comment each lesson at, or use our contact form at Contact Us. You also can send an email to me directly at

If you are not a member of Kids Chinese Podcast yet, please consider “Sign up“ for a trial (30 days money back guarantee, current promotion price ending Dec, 31st, 2011) to learn more Mandarin Chinese Language and achieve better learning results.

If you like Kids Chinese Podcast learning program, please help us write your reviews on iTunes or leave your comment at website. So that we can improve Kids Chinese Podcast and help you learn Chinese and achieve better results.

Wish you and your family all the joys of Christmas and happiness throughout the New Year!

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