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I recently received an email from Alexander who is a German. The question he asked me was "Can I learn Chinese?". My response was "Of course, you can! However, if you find the best way to learn Chinese for you, you can learn Chinese faster and easier."

Why Alexander Asked "Can I Learn Chinese?"

He said after he saw the Chinese characters, he feel that the Chinese characters like many different pictures, and each of the "picture" has random strokes. So he think the Chinese characters must be very difficult to remember, hence it is hardly to read or write for him. Another big concern for him is how to speak Chinese, since even he remember one Chinese character, even he can write it, it is impossible for him to figure out the pronunciation of it.

For Chinese beginners, especially to westerners, the Chinese language looks very difficult to learn.

Learning Chinese Language is not Difficult

Compare with European languages, such as English, French, or German, Chinese has a relatively easier grammar.

1) no subject/verb agreement
2) no plurals
3) no conjugations
4) no tenses
5) simple numbering system which is applied to dates and time expressions
6) simple conditional sentences
7) simple prepositions

How can I Learn Chinese - Start with Daily Conversational Chinese

Most Chinese learners think the Chinese language is very difficult to learn. However, if you learn Chinese in a right way, to learn and master Chinese language is not difficult.

I agree that for most people, especially for westerners, to learn and master Chinese language is not easy. I am a native Chinese. In my opinion, the Chinese writing system makes the Chinese language difficult. However, Chinese grammar is very easy. For example, there is no pain with verb conjugations or irregular plurals. Even many difficult Chinese characters share the same radical, so it makes it even easier to understand and remember. In addition, if you look at some Chinese text, you will see that some Chinese characters are repeated over and over again. So you should start with Common Chinese Characters, those Chinese characters are used in our daily life.

If you find an efficient way to learn Chinese, the Chinese language will be easy for you to learn and master. For beginners, start with daily Chinese since they are used in your everyday life. Children start to learn their mother tongue by learning speak in their daily life.

Most schools teach the mechanics of the Chinese language. For example, they spend a lot of time on teaching sentence structures and the grammar rules. For Chinese beginners, I do not recommend this kind of ways to learn Chinese. Focus on meaning, not form. In other words, do not worry about grammar rules in your early stage of learning Chinese. Focus instead on understanding and being understood.

Listen to good Chinese audio programs, such as Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lessons in a relaxed and easy way. You can listen to the Chinese lessons in your car or in gym, or when you are doing any other tasks or even house works. Start with daily Chinese, the easy Chinese, you will be able to speak daily Chinese sooner, since you can use daily Chinese everyday, over and over again. The most efficient and effective way to learn Chinese is to use it whenever you can, to listen to it, to speak it, to read it and to write it.

Learning Chinese is a great way to enhance your life, and it is never too early or too late to start. Start learning Daily Converational Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast! It is really easy and fun! Use the natural way of learning Chinese language, you will make some progress a little by little with ease. You will become a fluent Chinese speaker easier and faster.

Like Alexander, if you have the question ""Can I learn Chinese?", I hope you find the answer.

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