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Because of the emerging needs of the workplace where Chinese language is an important language for business communication, more and more people adopted the Business Chinese Test(BCT) as the Chinese language proficiency assessment tool.

1. What is Business Chinese Test(BCT)?

The BCT is an international vocational-based examination developed by The Office of Chinese Language Council International - a division of Ministry of Education, Beijing, China. Researched by the renowned Peking University, the BCT measures the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers who require the use of Chinese language in business communications.

2. Why Take BCT?

BTC helps companies to better assess employees’ Chinese language proficiency and deploy them for the right job. It also helps employees determine their current Chinese language proficiency for application at the workplace.In addition, BCT helps training organisations determine students’ Chinese Language proficiency for placement into the appropriate training program.

3. What Does BCT Test?

Candidates are tested in all 4 modalities of the Chinese language, i.e. Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. The BCT is structured into 4 tests, namely BCT 1 (Listening and Speaking skills), BCT 2 (Reading skills), BCT 3 (Writing skills) & the Chinese Workplace Numeracy Test (CNT). A particular advantage of the BCT is that the test can be taken on a computer, thus precluding you from having to be able to handwrite Chinese characters.

4. Where to Take BCT?

You can take the test in China or abroad.

5. Prepare for Business Chinese Test (BCT)

Business Chinese Test (BCT) is the only official test of a non-native speakers Business Chinese level - developed by Peking University at the request of the Office of Chinese Language Council International in China. The test is designed to aid Chinese employers and universities to evaluate the Chinese speaking ability of a non-native speaking applicant, and to provide candidates with an official certificate of their Chinese proficiency. If you get the certificate, you will be able to show your strength on Business Chinese.

BCT (Business Chinese Test) Level 1

At this level, Candidates are Chinese learners who have already studied some Mandarin Chinese, but have zero or little knowledge of business Chinese. The aim of this course will be to fill in the gaps in your knowledge by building on what you already know, as well as introducing the vocabulary that you will need for introductions with business partners. Chinese business etiquette is also introduced at this level.

BCT (Business Chinese Test) Level 2

At this level, Candidates are Chinese learners who should already be confident about both their general and business Chinese, so this course focuses on teaching the vocabulary needed for specific business situations such as negotiations about price, and asking questions about products and supply.

BCT (Business Chinese Test) Level 3

At this level, generally you can handle some situations well where business Chinese is used, but you still lack a lot of specific vocabulary on business Chinese. Although you are generally able to get your meaning across, but need to study more precise terminology to become a far more fluent speaker. In addition, you will still be largely unfamiliar with written Chinese business language, and your ability to participate in meetings may be lacking. Level 3 will help you to tighten up on these key areas.

BCT (Business Chinese Test) Level 4

The aim at this level is to go beyond what you generally understand around you in a business context, and to focus on improving your ability to express yourself in business meetings, negotiations and discussions, ensuring that you can communicate fluently and correctly in more business situations, and are able to explain your point of view on a range of business issues.

BCT (Business Chinese Test) Level 5

The aim at this level is to help you to explain a range of complex business related issues in Chinese. Help your written and spoken Chinese become fluent, and help you understand what is being said by a native Chinese speaker, or in a text, about a complex business issue.

BCT Business Chinese Test (In-depth Exercises of Examination Item) (including student's book, teaching book)

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